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Staffordshire pub to defy lockdown and reopen today

A Staffordshire pub is set to defy lockdown rules to open its doors today.

The Reform Inn, in Thorncliffe, has posted a video on its social media accounts revealing the move.

The four-minute clip reveals the “heartbreak” of having to close on Wednesday night as the second UK lockdown came into force.

But bosses Nick and Lucy Clowes have vowed they will not “lie down” – and are now set to fight “tooth and nail” to stay open.

The boozer, near Leek, will reopen at midday today, November 6.

In the social media post, Nick said: “Despite following all the Government guidelines to the best of our ability we had to close our business that we have put blood, sweat and tears in to grow.

“During the other lockdown we knew another one was going to come and we thought, ‘we are not going to lie down. We are fighting this tooth and nail. Fear is no longer an excuse. We need to do the right thing.”

The couple say they have consulted lawyers working on behalf of small businesses and written to the authorities to say they will accept the lockdown if their questions are answered.

But Nick added: “We have had no replies whatsoever. With that in mind we are announcing we are going to open our doors at 12pm on Friday, business as usual.

“Lots of businesses will not open again. We need to fight this now.

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