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7 Simple Ideas to Promote Employee Well-Being

Studies have recently shown that more than 50% of professionals undergo mental health issues. The major reason being work-related stress factors. While offices cannot really help in reducing the workload of employees if they need to do profitable business but they can definitely offer them the right environment and tools to work in order to reduce their stress.

Here are a few simple ideas that will help in promoting employee well-being.

1. Provide Work Flexibility:

Setting up a fixed working time can cause a lot of issues in balancing work and personal life. It is ok to adjust work hours based on individual convenience. Setting up such a policy will improve employee satisfaction and help them live a balanced and stress-free life.

2. Buy the Right Tools:

There are several tasks that need not be done from scratch by employees, as there are several software and tools that make different tasks simple. Analyze how you can reduce the work burden by purchasing a license of such tools. For example, an office goer needs to attend several meetings, and keeping a tab of them manually may cause overlaps. Using the right tool that works with different calendars to schedule appointments in office hours can help in eliminating such mishaps.

3. Install Ergonomic Furniture:

One of the major health concerns employees face, when they do a desk job, is the neck, shoulder, and back pain. Dealing with that on a regular basis is stressful. Make sure you install ergonomically right furniture for your employees to work comfortably.

4. Contribute to Gym Membership:

Workout has several benefits, including keeping you mentally fit as it releases endorphins, which are happy hormones. You can always tie-up with a gym to give your employees a certain discount which will encourage them to workout.

5. Set Up a Vibrant Ambience:

Interiors of the workplace really matter in setting employee mood. Boring monotonous colors will not inspire your employees and drop down their productivity. Go for vibrant colors that will activate their mind and in turn increase their productivity.

6. Discourage Office Politics:

One of the major stress factors at work is office politics. It is very difficult to eradicate it at all levels, but you can definitely put up certain policies to discourage it and take employee feedback to know how it is affecting them.

7. Offer Counseling Services:

This is going a step beyond, but definitely in the right direction. Usually, larger companies offer counseling services to employees where they can safely seek guidance and support from someone they can trust. Many times, you feel trapped as you never know whom to speak to about office issues, and taking it back to your family does not feel appropriate. Counseling is a confidential place which is one of the best ways to relieve stress for your employees and prevent work-related mental health issues.

There are several other ideas that will help in boosting mental well-being for employees. These are no set rules and based on how your office functions, you can modify and implement a few to see how it helps the employees be mentally fit before you enforce any policy.

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