Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 2 November 2020

A letter from a friend to his MP.

Dear James,
My predictions and not yours are now becoming reality. 
Do you understand the absolute devastation your govt us visiting on the amazing citizens of this country? You must be held personally accountable and you must take responsibility. When all of this is said and done, those who chose not to intervene will be seen as complicit in the suffering of millions, ignorance, and I know you are not ignorant, will not be an excuse. 
Your govt and it’s ‘scientific advisors’ are now resorting to outright lies and there are many, many very qualified experts out there such as Dr Mike Yeadon, Carl Heneghan and Iionnidis, Guptra, who are refuting the govt’s evidence for lockdown are really exposing deceit on an industrial scale. The PCR test IS the disease, you know this is hugely flawed and fraudulently used there are NO excess respiratory deaths. If you do nothing, watch this interview with Dr Mike Yeadon, why is he so impassioned? Why is he so convinced Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty are lying? Why is 40 years of immunology 101 being so blatantly ignored. I have read through tue textbooks myself and immunity as discussed by Dr Mike Yeadon is a natural occurrence. I am now questioning the roll of sage in what looks like something very, very sinister. 

Please refute everything Dr Yeadon says with properly researched hard evidence. Maybe your govt are also lying to you behind closed doors. 
3-4000 deaths a day? This is absolutely preposterous fearmongering. It has already been proven (by the Times and Amnesty International) that the cause of death for 28,186 poor souls at the start of the pandemic was the govt’s policy of clearing hospitals of sick elderly, this is tantamount to genocide and I’m sure this will be discovered to be so in the months and years to come. You are complicit in this. 
Why does the media and govt continue to demonise world renowned experts for simply having another view? You CANNOT discount the comparative success of Sweden, they are averaging 2 deaths and less a day and please don’t try to patronise me by saying the countries are different, Stockholm has an almost identical population density to Manchester. The facts are, they got it right and you and your govt have got it wrong. Through your actions, suicides, medical emergencies other than Covid, incidentally of the 100,000 ‘admissions’ to hospital from 1st April to 30th September attributed to Covid, 77,000 were ALREADY in hospital. Are you aware of the massive fraud being perpetrated through the gross manipulation of figures by the media and the govt? This is an offence. Again, once this all comes out you will be found to be complicit. 

The case for a 2nd lockdown is non existent, all figures, graphs and nonsensical predictions are being massaged and exaggerated to provide the evidence. One track mindedness and the closing down of opposing views is the sign of a tyrant, of a fascistic govt hell bent of changing the way we live and controlling our lives. Like I have pointed out before, your govt choose the evidence to support its policy and not the other way around. This is now so blatantly clear, the media and your constituents here and all over the country are realising the deceit. The difference between what people will do and say privately to publicly is huge and I warn you not to believe polls or sycophants, the tide is rapidly turning against you. 
We have inalienable rights as living people and your actions WILL be brought to account whether by public or private action. Why are you continuing o follow a failing course of action? Non of the govt’s remedies work, this is clear. Why will you not consider another way? You simply cannot be this stupid, stubborn or ignorant. Like I have said, there is another agenda at play, even if you do not realise it. You are complicit in this. 
To destroy the fabric of society, to turn people against each other for the greater good, for their safety is the playbook of dictators, this is Nazism, plain and simple and we all know what happened there. 
I have every single one of your replies, they are with my barrister, your willingness to promote your govt’s narrative bile will see history looking very unfavourably on you. Your seat is at risk, your liberty is at risk. The citizens of this country are near a tipping point where peaceful demonstrations may be coming to an end. Why would you want to be complicit in the destruction of our society, simply look across the continent at the civil unrest in France, Italy and Spain and you believe that you, your govt and this country is immune? I’m going to tell you that history has shown that when pushed too far the great people of this country will push back, there are a LOT more of us than there are of you, politicians, police, the military will quickly lose the stomach for battle because what you’re purporting you defend is a paper thin narrative, a tissue of lies. 
All your measures are designed to save a very small amount of people who are quite frankly at the end of their lives, you might buy them a month or two but for this you sacrifice the massive majority of livelihoods, your friends, your family, your loved one will be ladened with the legacy of your lunacy. I expect you have been brainwashed or repurposed, no truly sane person can actually believe that these measures are proportional to the danger. I implore you to vote down this ridiculous attempt to further destroy our amazing country, this is now a turning point where you can be immune from the repercussions because you at least saw the light. If you do not, I fear for your conscience, the destruction you might be about to visit on your fellow man will weigh heavy to your dying day. 


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