Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 30 October 2020

The Light Side of A Dark Age

By apparent design, everything is crumbling into dystopian madness in the social matrix. From a gas lighting media now dutifully swallowed and parroted by a brainwashed majority, like expanding ice in the cracking pavement of the social fabric, to mind blowing cognitive dissonant once-basic reasonable thoughts being inverted one atop the other.

The madness continues to metastasize.

This is an increasingly dark and ever deepening morass of insanity that society is very cleverly being steered into. Not by force, but with its own permission, despite muffled outcries from small pockets of awake and aware individuals.

But is it really “caused”, or was it dormantly waiting to be revealed?

There’s Nothing New Under the Sun

Just try to tell that to anyone, never mind the obvious non-sequiturs about the abject con job going on? Even to friends and relatives?

Brace yourself. You’ll have mindless, irrational, emotionally driven programming to deal with and it will be a total waste of time and just further the division, and your own frustration.

Besides, those who already see it don’t need it anyway, although it’s nice to find a kindred spirit and open mind now and again in the midst of this tornado.

This intense, comprehensive polarization (well, really a culmination of polarization that’s been going on for ages) now bespeaks social civil war. We’ve seen this playing out incrementally for a long time, but we’re embarking on new kinds of crazy by the day now.

Civil wars are darkly famous for turning family members against each other, even to the death of loved ones. Scriptures worldwide have spoken of such divisions manifesting when truth meets aroused, mass electified ignorance. “And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.” Matthew 10:21

That’s serious stuff. And this disintegrating worldwide society is on the verge of such things, sorry to say.

It’s just manifesting. That’s all.

Steer Clear of Panic – It’s Just Stuff Manifesting

Here are some gems from Alan Watts from the 1960s: (from his talk, “Do You Do It or Does It Do You?”)

The principle of growth always has and always will continue – because that’s what’s going on…

At the moment we stand at a time in history where we’re beginning to think of a great countdown on the whole human race – the terrifying possibility that through atomic energy we may obliterate this planet…[translate into this latest technocratic takeover stuff via whatever ridiculous scam du jour..]

It doesn’t really matter. When you realize that’s that what it is and that it doesn’t really matter if the whole human race may blow itself up, then there’s a chance that it won’t do it. That’s the only chance we have not to do this thing that attracts us like a kind of vertigo, like a person that looks over a precipice and is all set to throw himself over. Or a person who jumps out of a plane when they’re skydiving and forgets to pull the parachute ring because he gets fascinated with the target, called target fascination.

Just so, we can get absolutely fascinated with disaster, with doom, and all the news, which is invariably bad news.

It’s very important to realize that’s what we’re doing or we might get all panicky about it.

The fascination for this doom might be neutralized if we would say, ‘Well, why bother about that? It’s just another fluctuation in this huge, marvelous endless chain of our own selves and our own energy going on.’

So What the Heaven or Hell is Going On?

We appear to be at a periodic culmination of an ongoing stage play in the drama of human asleepness. Humanity as a whole is a long way from waking up, despite the fact that some have told us what was really go on to varying degrees for ages, but it never goes anywhere.

I defer to Jed McKenna to flesh this out as he so aptly does – written 12 years ago. But I warn you, you probably won’t like it as it challenges the root cause to the bone.

And we are the bone in the soup, the elephant in the room.

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