Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 26 October 2020

‘The British state has lost the plot’ (No, it hasn’t – it’s playing out the British version of a global plot I have been exposing for 30 years)

Armed police showed up at a gym in Liverpool and issued it with a £1,000 fine for refusing to close. If you wanted a picture of how far we’ve fallen into Covid authoritarianism it doesn’t get much clearer than this.

Bodytech Fitness in Moreton had refused to close despite Liverpool’s Tier Three lockdown, which has been broadened by local officials to include the closure of gyms and leisure centres. In the end, seven or so armed cops showed up, closed the gym, and issued the owner with the fine, while a number of customers were still inside.

Depressingly, this was all sparked by a tip-off from a busybody member of the public. The gym’s owner, Nick Whitcombe, had said that if he closed his gym he ‘won’t have one to come back to’. ‘There will be no business, there will be no gym, there will be no jobs’, he said. Given the government is also encouraging us to get fit to make us less physically vulnerable to Covid, the closure of gyms is even more absurd.

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