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5G Proponents Say EU Countries Swayed by Opposition Should “Send a Loud and Clear Message” About 5G Benefits (Politico)

Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit 5G installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums on deployment. The majority of scientists worldwide oppose 5G until there are studies that show it’s safe. Doctors and scientists have asked for moratoriums on Earth and in space.

Leaked memos from French telecom employees reveal that they, too, want to stop 5G deployment due to health and economic concerns. American opposition includes federal agencies and other credible experts who warn 5G threatens jobs, national security, public safety, and weather forecasting accuracy. Nevertheless, proponents are still telling world leaders that they need to convince constituents that 5G is what’s best for them. Keep dreaming, fools.

From Politico:

EU countries sound alarm about growing anti-5G movement

Brussels needs to send a ‘clear and loud message’ about the benefits of the technology, 15 countries tell EU chiefs.

A growing anti-5G movement is getting in the way of Europe’s digital ambitions, 15 capitals warned the EU Commission as they called for a robust strategy to counter concerns about the new technology.

“It is clear … that we are witnessing increasing activity of the anti-5G movement across the European Union,” the group said, adding that recent attacks on telecom infrastructure “are not only a threat to the economy of the affected member states but hinder also the ability for the European Union to meet its ambitious 5G goals.”

The group sent a letter to Commission vice presidents Margrethe Vestager and Věra Jourová as well as digital commissioner Thierry Breton late last week. The letter was initiated by Poland and backed by Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Slovakia and Sweden.

Industry groups earlier this year warned of increasing pushback from protest groups on 5G rollout and even attacks including mast torchings and harassment of telecom engineers.

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