Posted by Gareth Icke - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 25 October 2020

MKUltra survivor Cathy O’Brien exposing the paedophile agenda

Cathy when she was being abused by her father and paedophile/Satanic rings before being taken by later President Gerald Ford into the government-military-CIA mind control program MKUltra and its elite offshoot Project Monarch.

‘Pedophiles thrive on the adrenaline of tortured children, while we are being socially engineered to accept their idea that “children want to be raped”. This inhumane concept is deliberately promoted in our school system and media while justice is usurped by complicit judges reducing sentences for pedophilic crimes against humanity.I gained much insight into the pedophile agenda while forced into the swamp with perpeTraitors under their MK Ultra mind control. 

Abuse prior to age 5 while the brain is still forming is considered the prime basis for mind control, which is a major component of their New World Order agenda. In turn, mind control is consistent with human trafficking, which is their primary funding mechanism for implementing what Adolph Hitler first termed New World Order.It is up to you to arm yourself with knowledge against the pedophile agenda rather than simply dismiss it as “conspiracy” as perpeTraitors suggest. When deep swamp-roots of corruption are strategically planted for generations, we must think beyond semantics and social engineering to do our part to #SaveTheChildren and #DrainTheSwamp. 

Knowledge is our defense against mind control, which is why truth is censored by media that is totally controlled to perpetuate this horrific New World Order agenda. Research for yourself. Dig deep for facts that are buried under illusions while our children continue to disappear at alarming rates to feed pedophilic adrenaline junkies.

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