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Video Resizing: All That You Need To Know

On certain occasions, when you want to get the best video watching experience, the video should have a perfect aspect ratio and size. If the video is not in the correct ratio, then it might not play or will display incorrectly. Also, when you are uploading a particular video at a social media platform, then you have to change the size and ratio of the video to get the perfect results.

To make each of your videos fit perfectly on various types of social platforms and screens of devices, you need a good video resizing tool to get the job done. But when it comes to using a resizer tool, you first need to know how to resize video with it so that you get the results you want. 

Why do you need to conduct video resizing?

Video resizing is pretty crucial these days. Many videos are pretty big file sizes and take up too much space. For such reasons, there is no space left in your device, and you have to delete those big size videos to gain more free space. For instance, if you are a movie buff, then you are well-aware of how much blood, sweat, and tears it takes to create a movie collection. 

That is why, instead of deleting your videos to gain more storage space, why not resize them? It stands out as the perfect solution. Video resizing will not resize all your videos in an appropriate size but will also provide you with plenty of space. 

What to consider when resizing your videos?

When it comes to video resizing, there are several things you must consider. Check below!

  1. The aspect ratio: Before you start the resizing process, you must adjust the aspect ratio of the screen where the video will be displayed. By doing so, it will comply with the required aspect ratio of the screen. When you are trying to view a video with an aspect ratio that does not support the device, then either the video will not play, or it will not load properly. For such reasons, knowing the aspect ratio of the platforms and device is highly-essential.
  2. The video format: When a file format of a particular video is changed during the time of resizing, then it might alter the quality of the aspect ratio, picture, sound, and resolution. For instance, if your video is in high definition or HD, and you convert it into a 3GP file format, then it will definitely affect the picture and the sound quality. 
  3. The picture quality: This picture quality is another crucial thing that you must consider when resizing your video. When your video will be viewed on a large screen, then you cannot afford to play with the video quality. You must change the video quality of all your social media uploads so that it can reduce the amount of data, which will be consumed when users view it. 

How to resize your video with Uniconverter?

The Uniconverter stands out as a one-of-a-kind video editor. This video editor has gained plenty of popularity for being the best video resizing tool of all time. If you want to resize your video, then take a look at the steps below.

1. Install and launch the Uniconverter software: You must visit the official website of the Uniconverter tool, which goes by the name Wondershare and download the tool for free. Once you have downloaded the tool, then install it into your respective device. The installation process is pretty simple, as you don’t need to be tech-savvy for it. Once the installation is complete, double-click on the icon to launch the Uniconverter software. 

2. Choose and add videos for resizing: When the application opens and displays on your device’s screen, then press on the toolbox tab and select the video compressor option. Once you click on the video compressor, a brand-new tab will open with a plus icon on the screen. All you need to do is click on the plus sign (Appears like this +), and browse and add the video or videos you wish to resize.

3. Select the settings for video resizing: You can choose the videos you want to resize, and customize the video by adjusting the settings. You can fix the video resolution, the video bitrate, the quality, and change the format by using the progress bar. 

4. Resize your video immediately: When you have adjusted all the areas of the video, previewed the parameters, checked the sound, and the quality, then you can press on the resize button to start the video resizing process. The resizing process will take around several seconds, and once it’s you can press on the save file option and choose a location where you want to store the resized video.

Features of the Uniconverter video editor

The Uniconverter software is one of the best videos resizing software in the market. The tool is packed with many unique and special features as well. The features are:

  • You can edit your videos before compressing with the help of trimming, applying effects, cropping, adding watermarks, rotating, etc.
  • The tool can facilitate batch compressing and converting many files at a time.
  • This video resizing tool carries APEXTRANS technology, which makes it 30-times faster than any other video resizing software or tools.
  • You can easily download playlists and YouTube videos by pasting the URL. 
  • It provides support to file compression that matches perfectly with devices like PSP, Apple, XBOX, TV, and many other devices. 
  • It also has a versatile toolbox that contains a screen recorder, repairing the video metadata, video transfer, GIF maker, and casting video to the TV. 
  • The software will support OS versions of Windows 10,8,7, XP, Vista, and Mac OS versions of 10.15 to 10.6. 

Resize your videos with the Uniconverter software

Currently, Uniconverter is the best video resizing tool in the market. With the help of this tool, you can easily resize your videos to an aspect ratio that will match with the devices. The video resizing tool has an excellent user interface, pretty easy to use, and you can easily resize your videos for platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms without compromising the video quality.

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