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Best Creative Prototyping Tool for UX Designers and Product Managers

Teamwork makes dream work. A collaborative team-effort is regarding the project in the long run. It hence ultimately helps the company prosper and reach new heights. When it comes to the creative industry, the path to success is unusual. 

Allow us to introduce to you about Wondershare Mockitt. Mockitt is a revolutionary online prototyping tool that kickstarts team collaborations at supersonic speeds. And hence, turning ideas into reality in minutes, and not months!

It boils down to the team working efficiently. And then, project managers, designers, and developers must have seamless communication. With technology, team collaborations have found a new effective way to stay at-par. Mockitt helps teams do that, in a better way, using technology!

Part 1: Introduction of Wondershare Mockitt

What is Wondershare Mockitt

Mockitt helps users scale their design thinking. The online prototyping tool Mockitt, also allows users collaborate in a dynamic environment. Mockit is a rapid prototyping tool with a direct workflow. It is fueled by collaborative teamwork, where making prototypes is easy.

Mockitt empowers everyone from product managers to UI UX designers to create professional-looking animated prototypes. With intuitive features that get the job done, it’s a software trusted by designers globally. Managing teams leveraging advanced technology is now a reality, thanks to Mockitt!

What makes Mockitt different from other prototyping tools?

Mockitt is an online prototyping tool, which is a product from Wondershare. Wondershare is known for its cutting-edge tech solutions that make life better for millions of people worldwide. The same is reflected in Mockitt. It makes work easy. 

Users can leverage the best of complicated tech that is easy to understand and implement on the granular level. Within enterprises, managing teams is easy using Mockitt’s smart team collaboration features. We’ll learn more about it in detail now.

Features of Mockitt that makes it the best creative prototyping tool

  • Drag and drop interface

Mockitt empowers everyone to make professional-looking designs. And hence, to use Mockitt, a few clicks and drag-drop actions work! 

  • No coding

To use Mockitt is like breathing. With a natural learning natural curve, using this prototyping tool is a no-brainer. No coding experience or knowledge is required to use it.

  • Huge libraries

On Mockitt, you will find an exhaustive library of design elements. You can incorporate these icons, buttons, and styles into your project. These can be linked to animations and more quickly.

  • Team collaboration

You and your team can work alongside each other in real-time. Without any lags, you can share comments, notes, and more with your teammates.

  • Sketch plugin

You can incorporate your professional Sketch masterpieces into your prototype. Hence, you do not need to upload and download your files between multiple tools.

  • Authorize permissions

Every creative mind on the team can work simultaneously on the areas of the canvas. From project managers, developers to copywriters, everyone can collaborate in real-time.

  • Free

Mockitt has a free version that users can download to use anytime!

Part 2: How to use Mockitt to build professionally designed applications

Mockitt makes app prototyping easy. Many times, you can create visually attractive prototypes without spending too much. And Mockitt allows you to do just that! Here’s a short tutorial on building an app design prototype using Mockitt:

Step 1. Open Mockitt

Head over to Wondershare Mockitt official page, and click the “Sign In” or “Sign Up” button on the right corner. You can create an account there.

Step 2 Create a new project

Upon successful registration or login, you will be able to view the welcome screen. Now the fun part begins! Click on a new project to create a new project and give it a name. 

Step 3 Adding screens

Furthermore, click on add screen to add a new screen to your canvas. This step would add a new screen to your prototype. You can repeat this step to add a suitable number of screens to your prototype project.

Step 3 Add widgets

Now it’s time to add interactive design elements to your canvas. On the right side of the editing area, you will get an option to add widgets. From here, you can choose these widgets from the material panel of the screen. You can choose from “built-in widgets“, “my widgets“, “icons” and “master“.

Step 4 Customize your widgets

You can change the color of the added widgets in your design. From size, background image to color, you can change the appearance of widgets. This option is available on the settings panel on the right side of the project screen.

Step 5 Add interactive links

You can finally link your widgets using the lightning symbol. Simply select a widget and drag a link to jump to the screen you desire to link to.

After this, click on add event to add animations. Finally, set the link trigger for animation and duration.

Repeat these steps until all design elements have been included in your project screens.

Other cool features you need to try!

Offline presentation on computer

Mockitt understands that your work is unstoppable. Therefore, sharing your design offline is possible too. You can download your design as an HTML file and open it in your browser. By doing this, you can present your project offline with the team!

Handoff Mode

After the UI UX designer is done with the design, sharing it is easy too. 

  1. Download HTML file for offline viewing
  2. Generate CSS code

We’ve learned about HTML file method of previewing. Let’s look into CSS code sharing method.

Click “Mark” on the top bar of the running interface to enter the mark mode.

After that, select a component to view. Alternatively, you can copy the style code corresponding to the component in the annotation information panel.

In summary

Effective teamwork is the dream of project managers. To achieve optimal results, it’s important to consider real-time collaborations. Mockitt empowers enterprises to establish synchronization between creative team members. With several features like real-time sharing, comments, and handoff, the team can work in harmony. Wondershare Mockitt has a free version available for download! Join millions of satisfied designers and try Mockitt to turn your design ideas into reality today!

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