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Walmart’s Redesigned Airport-style Stores Will Track Everyone

What have corporations learned from the post 9/11 era? Apparently a lot.

Since 9/11, airports in the U.S. and across the globe have been redesigned to make people feel safer and make it easier for authorities to ID and track airline passengers.

Fast Company story reveals how Walmart is taking a cue from airport terminals by bringing the airport experience to every store.

“Airports were a place that inspired us because, by nature, you don’t spend an awful amount of time in airports, so you don’t know your way around. But you need to get a lot of people somewhere in a timely fashion,” Janey Whiteside, EVP and chief customer officer at Walmart said.

The article mentions how Walmart’s newly designed stores will inspire customers to use their cellphones to shop.

People walk around the store with a phone in their hand looking down and looking up, and we wanted to integrate those things, so when they look at their phone they can look up at [the same thing] in the store.

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