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Virgin Atlantic deploys app with Yoti biometrics to secure COVID test results

Virgin Atlantic has begun a trial using the FRANKD app powered by Yoti facial biometrics to conduct pre-flight COVID-19 testing for cabin crew and pilots.

According to the announcement, the airline is the first in the UK to introduce pre-flight COVID-19 testing, which has started for flights between Shanghai and Hong Kong. The trial is expected to expand to flights to Barbados and other destinations later in October. Eventually, the airline plans to test every operating crew at least once per month.

The FRANKD app recently began a trial at Heathrow Airport, and provides test results in 30 minutes with 100 percent specificity and 97 percent sensitivity. Yoti’s smartphone-based biometrics ensure the privacy of test data.

“I’m proud to see the team’s hard work on FRANKD with Yoti help Virgin Atlantic to protect their crew and customers in creating safer flying spaces,” states Yoti CEO Robin Tombs. “The accuracy and speed of FRANKD, backed by Yoti technology, makes the process secure, simple and protects people’s privacy. This combination is a game-changer for rapid testing. It can be applied to many walks of life and helps business and society protect the vulnerable while enabling others to protect the economy.”

Virgin Atlantic Chief Customer and Operating Officer Corneel Koster noted the need for the airline to avoid competing with the UK’s National Health Service for resources, and called for a “wider coordinated passenger testing regime” to be introduced.

Clear integrates COVID-19 test with Health Pass

COVID-19 test results from LabCorp are being integrated into the Clear Health Pass mobile application to make it easier for people to safely travel, enter workplaces, and attend public events.

Clear’s Health Pass will link to LabCorp Patient accounts, with consenting users logging into the account through Health Pass, which displays only a red or green indicator to avoid sharing private health details. The user’s verified status can be shared from any Clear pod with face biometrics or a QR code enabling touchless account access. Users can also verify their identity when accessing a building or venue using Health Pass by taking a biometric selfie within the Clear app.

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