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The Humanization of Pets Has Led to A Growth in Technology

Households around the world love their pets. They want to give their furry friend, whether it is a cat or a dog, the best life they can. This includes feeding them the best food and plenty of treats, as well as getting them toys. Indeed, the humanization of pets means that this technology industry is booming. A lot of gadgets started as human technology and it has now been adapted to suit our beloved companions. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and advanced pet technology there is.

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Dog Activity Trackers

In recent years, a lot of people trying to get fit have been fascinated by activity trackers. They can count your steps, the distance you have traveled and the calories you have burned. What’s more, activity trackers connect to your smartphone and they can show your GPS route. The good news is that activity trackers are now available for dogs. You can see how much exercise your canine is getting every day on their daily walks and during playtime. This can make sure your pup is getting the exercise they need to stay healthy.

Microchip Cat Flap

If you have had a cat for many years, you will know the problems that arise with a cat flap on your door. For example, you can have other animals coming into your home and stealing your pet’s food, as well as causing trouble. But the great thing is that technology is constantly evolving. Entrepreneurs like Tej Kohli are always coming up with innovative ideas to make life easier for humans, so indeed have technologists who have adapted their work to animals. Technology means that it can contain a microchip that scans your cat’s collar. This means that only your pet will be able to get in the cat flap.

Automatic Ball Launcher

Most people would love to spend all day playing with their dogs. Unfortunately, this is not possible. So, for moments when you are busy but your canine is feeling playful, you can use the automatic ball launcher. Just as the name suggests, this device is going to launch the ball for your pooch to chase. Over time, you can train your canine to drop the ball back into the launcher so they can keep enjoying their game.

Pet Security Camera

Gone are the days that you went to work and you did not know what your dog was up to in the house. The rise in technology now means that you can now watch every move your furry friend makes when you are gone. Not only can you enjoy a live video of your pet but you can also use the speaker and microphone to talk to your pet. This can be good for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety. What’s more, there are some pet cameras that allow you to throw a treat for your pup. When movement and noise are detected, you can also be sent notifications to make sure your dog is not up to no good.

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