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Used coronavirus tests handed out ‘by mistake’ in Birmingham

Used coronavirus swab tests were accidentally given out to households in Birmingham, council officials said.

Birmingham City Council said about 25 kits had been given out by mistake in the student area of Selly Oak as part of its “drop-and-collect” service.

It said the error was quickly realised, the kits remained intact and there was no evidence of cross-contamination.

However, student David Lewes, 21, said he and four housemates used the tests without realising they were not new.

“We are really distressed, shocked, violated and one of my friends threw up after finding out they had been used before,” he said. 

The third-year University of Birmingham student said the council team dropped the test off at their home in Tiverton Road on Tuesday evening saying they would return a few minutes later to collect them.

‘Been a mistake’

“We are not familiar with the testing procedure and were a bit concerned there were no leaflets or information packs inside, but they came back and we said about the leaflets not being there and is that a concern?

“They said there’s been a mistake and they’d rectify it. Then my housemate was asked if he’d done the test and he said yes and they said, ‘OK, put it in the bag’ and they left.”

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