Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 15 October 2020

Our Suppressed Imagination Results in a Limited Society

The importance of our imagination cannot be emphasised enough!

All ideas which come into manifestation in the third dimension do so through the connection to our divine inner self, or higher self.  The divine inner self
is the cosmic self which has access to everything that is, will be, and was; it
essentially has contact with the superconscious mind of god. The imagination has the potential to be utterly limitless and should be encouraged from the youngest of ages.

Children, unspoiled by the teachings of mankind, come into this world with their divine self intact and fully operational, only as they begin to age and absorb the
linear, logical limitations and nonsense of humanity does it become contained and supressed. Never should this key element to being divine creators be inhibited, as it is the basis of all thoughts and ideas which come into fruition.

To engage the imagination, watch a child, and do not criticise them if they appear to be in their own little world. That little world they are in has a high connection to the other side, and fills them full of wonder and happiness. Babies are usually very happy for a reason, and that’s because their divinity within has not been placed without of their etheric body.

Adults who have had their imagination trained out of them through society, governments, medication, one size fits all educational institutions and so on; can regain it by doing some conceptually simple steps, which takes discipline to achieve.

People are not card board cut outs, even though society has raised and deemed them this way to think and believe. One curriculum from a central government forced on the public is a crime against humanity because it takes a unique individual and attempts to force them to conform to the standards set by them. There are no benefits to the universe when the imagination is stifled by the system in place; the society from whence it came simply becomes a robotic illusion filled
with stress because the tasks asked of highly creative people are narrowed into a very small tunnel vision or scope which benefits the few, not the many.

For the imagination to be unleashed in adults they must start to think like a child again where there were no boundaries in place. A good place to start would be remembering what you liked and made you happy as a child. Once that has been established, start to visualize what it was and an urge will inevitably take hold leading one to take action. Eventually it will lead to desirable imaginative work/play which is closer in alignment with one’s soul desire and contract.
Folks with artistic abilities should not be forced to take scientific courses because there are very little jobs in the arts, any more than a scientific mind should be forced to take the arts. The arts in general are deliberately under-funded and thus under represented for a reason; grooming of the imagination is not encouraged in society, thrusting left side of the brain logic upon people is.

Modern day society is a reflection of their educational and government directed curriculums.  If one does not have a linear thinking mind it is very hard to function and be a “success” in life. This usually leads to a life filled with stress, and places imaginative people in positions they either despise, or will never reach their potential in.

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