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How to Write a Great Application Essay for College


For students, writing application essay for college admission can be a difficult task. The quality of the content produced by the writer has an impact whether or not the student will get admission in the college. Below are the most essential application essay tips for students seeking college admission:

Read Instructions

How to write application essay is a common question asked by students. Prior to starting the essay, it is important for the student to go through the instructions repeatedly. It will help you to get to know about the topic. If you are not able to comply with the essay instructions, it is most likely that you will receive poor grade in your paper. Be sure to check the word count limit mentioned in the paper. After understanding the essay prompts, you can structure your essay in an appropriate manner. If you are a student and looking for help in the application essay, hiring write my essay service is the best option for you.

Write Compelling Introduction

The starting paragraph of your essay should be compelling enough to draw the attention of the reader. The admission officer will look at your essay for a brief moment. If your introduction does not contain the points, which the essay will cover, it will create a negative impact on the paper checker. It is important for the student to understand the essay instructions. You must present the most interesting part of your personality in the opening paragraph. Include a story from your life that is in line with the essay topic. It will enable the admission officer to understand your character and personality traits. The points you mention will help the officer to identify the key elements, which make you an ideal candidate for the degree program.  The examiner is looking for unique aspects of the candidate’s personality. With a quality introduction, you can create a strong impression on the minds of the examiner.

Create a Writing Plan

Write down the important points, which you will cover in your essay on a piece of paper. It will save your time and allow you to create your first draft within a few hours. The content in the draft does not need to be perfect. At this point, your focus is on writing the ideas that flow in your mind naturally. You will revise the content multiple times before finalizing your application essay. For your ease, you can follow the application essay format available online. It will help you to present your ideas using your analytical thinking and reasoning skills. Besides, you will also understand how an essay is structured. The admission officers evaluate both the content and format of your essay. To increase your chance of securing an admission, you must follow every detail mentioned in the instructions.

Use Your Personal Opinion

What is application essay is a common query of individuals that are seeking admission in college. The admission department of college will evaluate the individual’s ability to present ideas in a logical way. With a good quality application essay, you can show the admission officer your strong areas. Try to give a unique angle to your essay, which makes you stand out from the rest of the candidates. Your content needs to reflect on your ambitions and skills. Elaborate on how the selected program will enable you to pursue your career goals. Think about some example from your life that makes you a strong candidate for the college. It does not need to be any major life changing experience. Even a small volunteer work you completed during your studies can represent you as an ideal candidate.

Avoid Clichés

As you conduct your research on the topic, you will come across a variety of essay examples. You can read the ideas presented in the application essay sample as a reference. It is not a good idea to include someone’s ideas in your paper. Your essay needs to be a true reflection of your skills and abilities. Avoid using clichés in your essay, as it is not a good practice. Re-read your content numerous times and delete phrases and sentences that appear to be a cliché. The professional custom writing service provider, like EduJungles, can help you in producing quality content. A professional writer will prepare the paper for you who understands all the requirements of the application essay. With a top service provider, you can feel assured of getting admission to your chosen college.

Use Relevant Examples

The application essay is a reflection of the candidate’s ability to think logically. For your essay to be authentic, it is important for you to include examples that support your arguments. Take some time to think about how the essay prompts are similar to your personality. Try to create a unique angle that flows along nicely with your ideas. Use specific examples and personal experiences to express your views about the elements, which motivate you. Think about your experiences where you encountered a difficult situation. Such examples presented in the paper will portray the strong facts about your personality. It is not necessary to write about each detail of your personal experiences. Your content needs to provide the correct context of your life changing experiences to the reader.

Be Concise

Stay on the topic and break the essay prompts into multiple parts.  Adopting such an approach will help you in covering all the points mentioned in your outline. Do not use unnecessary words in your content. Writing long sentences that deviate from the main points will create a negative impact on the examiner. At the beginning of every paragraph, write a topic sentence. Stick to one point in a single paragraph. Include necessary examples for supporting your ideas and arguments. Think of an example from your real life, which creates a long-lasting impression on the admission officer. You should present your reasoning and logic within the word count limit mentioned in the instructions.

Proofread and Edit

Check your essay for grammar and typing errors once you have completed your essay. You can read your content aloud multiple times. It will enable you to identify any points you have failed to cover in your content. Besides, you can ask your friend to review your essay. With the other person’s perspective on your content, you will be able to revise your essay in accordance with the given topic.


Above tips enable you create a perfect essay for college application. Before you begin writing, it is important for you to conduct thorough research. It will help you to break down essay prompts into multiple parts. Now it is time for you to write a quality essay.

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