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Best 7 Tips for Writing Essay as a Pro

Effective essay writing


Writing a compelling and professional essay appears to be a difficult task for students. You cannot write on the topic on which you do not have much information. Conducting thorough research online and planning is key to writing a good essay.

Pick a Topic

It is possible that your college professor will assign you a topic, and you are asked to write on it. In such a case, you do not have a choice to write on a topic on which you have prior knowledge. When you are provided with a topic, you need to understand the type of essay you must produce. Conducting a quick search on the internet will help you understand the requirements of different types of essays like a persuasive essay, narrative essay, descriptive essay, and others. Keep your focus on the topic and identify the issues which are relevant to your topic. The students that require writing help in essay and resume writing can hire a professional resume writing service provider to find a suitable job related to their field.

Make an Outline

Tips on Writing an Effective Essay

How to write an essay is a common question often asked by students. Writing custom essay with good quality is not as complicated as you might have thought. With proper planning and research, you can produce an essay to help you achieve the desired results. You will have to give your writing a sufficient amount of time to maintain an excellent academic record. Note down the crucial points which you will cover in your essay and organize your ideas. Writing it down on a piece of paper or making a rough tree diagram will help you link your main points. First, write down the most critical points which you need to cover in your essay. Think about real-time examples which you can include in your essay for giving more weightage to your arguments.

You can research online for gathering information from different academic resources and journals. Try to understand the viewpoints of other writers that they have presented. It will help you in narrowing down your main topic. You will also have a reference point to refer to if you face any difficulties in structuring your content. Keep the data you acquire from multiple resources in an organized manner. It will save your time and enable you to highlight the main points. Support your content with authentic sources and reliable data. It will leave a good impression on the reader as it will be easier for the person to comprehend the content’s points.

Develop a thesis Statement

Once you have selected the topic and created an outline, the next step is to create a thesis statement. It states the main point which you will cover in your essay.  Check your outline, which you created earlier for defining your topic. The thesis assertion will state the purpose and subject of the essay clearly and concisely. With the thesis statement, the reader will get an idea about the main topic and the topics covered in the essay.

Create Body content

The essay’s body is the section where you will present your arguments and support it with relevant examples. Try to discuss one point in a single paragraph. Your arguments need to be presented logically, and each of your paragraphs should link with another. Discuss your most important ideas first in the opening paragraph of the body. Then in the later paragraphs, you can elaborate on the points. If you are a student who is struggling to structure the body content correctly, it is advisable to avail essay writing service for achieving high grades in coursework.

Create an Introduction

Once you have developed a thesis statement and the body content, it is time to start writing a compelling introduction. In the introduction, you should focus on grabbing the reader’s attention. Share something important, like providing information about some exciting facts or share a story. The angle which you discuss in the introduction should be in line with the thesis statement. The introduction section needs to be healthy and compelling as your whole essay depends on it. It will form the basis for the arguments which you will present in your essay.

Create a Conclusion

In conclusion, you will sum up the main points and overall concepts. It is not the place to share some new information which you have not discussed earlier. You will re-evaluate the information and reinforce the thesis statement. Mention the specific details at the beginning of the conclusion, and they discuss general points. The conclusion section needs to be brief, as it will be only 10 percent of your total word count. You cannot go beyond the word limit mentioned in the instructions. Reread the instructions carefully before submitting your final essay.

Proofread and Edit Your Content

After completing the conclusion, it is time to go through the entire essay to check if you have missed any important point mentioned in the outline. Reading the article aloud will help you identify any typographical or grammatical errors present in the essay. Ensure that all your arguments are presented logically, which draws the attention of the reader. Your strongest arguments should be included at the beginning and last paragraph of your content. Also, check whether your paragraphs are structured in the right order. Review the essay prompts and instructions in detail and verify that your content fulfills all the requirements. Besides, look at the format of the essay to verify its accuracy. You can use the format of sample essays available online to save your precious time.  The sentence flow and structure should be smooth so that the reader can easily understand all of your points.

You can ask for an essay writing help from your friends, family members, and college professors. Their suggestions and feedback will help you in improving the quality of your content. Also, you will be able to provide a new angle to your essay for persuading the audience. Try to incorporate essay writing tips that you receive from others in your writing to enhance your skills. It will enable you to grow as a writer and develop a professional style.


You can follow the above tips and guidelines for structuring your next essay and achieving good marks. With time, consistency, and patience, anyone can improve their writing skills. It is high time that you put effort into improving your writing, which will help you in your personal and professional life.

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