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Airline Travel Goes Wild On Surveillance During ‘Pandemic’

A recent IFSEC Global study gave the world a glimpse into a dystopian COVID-19/Big Brother marriage.

The Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom is installing biometric gates at each and every access point.“With numerous access and entrance control points across its five terminals for customers to contend with, Simon Wilcox, Heathrow Passenger Automation Program Lead, recognized the need to handle passenger flow in the most efficient way possible – without compromising on security.”

Heathrow airports’ biometric gates will scan passengers faces throughout the entire airport. No one will be safe from Big Brother’s gaze, not you or your family.

“The automation program specified required implementing biometric gates that would bring facial recognition to each access point of a departing passenger’s journey. The new technology would use facial recognition at check-in, bag drops, security lanes and boarding gates to create a “seamless experience for passengers” walking through the airport.”

Heathrow airport, like airports around the world, are exploiting the public’s fear of COVID-19 and using it to justify installing facial recognition gates everywhere; from passenger check-in, to bag drops, security lanes and boarding gates.

Last month, a Tascent corporate announcement revealed that the Information Engineering Group Inc., will be installing “a touchless, streamlined experience” at airport lounges everywhere.

And what exactly is this ‘touchless, streamlined experience’? Why facial recognition of course.

“The IEG-Tascent solution uses Tascent’s InSight® Face devices for face recognition and traveler messaging, coupled with the biometric identity management services of Tascent Enterprise Suite. These are integrated with IEG’s superior Airport Lounge Access capabilities and end-customer systems to provide a seamless, opt-in solution that minimizes close physical contact while maximizing customer service and respecting traveler’s privacy and health concerns.”

So not only do airports want to ID and track airline passengers at the front gates but now they want to ID and track them entering and exiting airport lounges.

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