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Upgrade your iPhone to IOS 14 and win a new iPhone 12

A number of reasons make the iPhone unique, and one of them is the regular update of the iOS package. If you can’t afford a new iPhone, upgrading iOS is a good way to experience the updates; fortunately, iOS 14 works with quite a few of Apple’s previous-generation smartphones. 

With the recent upgrade by Apple to iOS 14 on 16 of September 2020, you can now upgrade your iPhone to iOS 14. This upgrade will give you access to all the latest tricks and features absent in the previous iOS versions. However, you may face some iPhone update issues like iPhone boot loop and be forced to look for how to downgrade iOS

Here are some of the latest features:

  • Redesigned widgets

The widget function has been repackaged to present more information at a go – as they can now be added to your Home Screen and can be arranged to suit your taste. Also, a Smart Stack of widgets can be added based on your most-used apps. This feature is unique because the right widget will pop up automatically at the right time in your day.

  • Compact calls

The new compact call is designed so that calls from your iPhone, FaceTime, or any third-party apps are displayed so that it doesn’t take up the full screen.

  • Message

With iOS 14, you can pin conversations that matter most and keep track of group conversations. 

  • App Library

The new iOS 14 gives an automatically organized app library, giving your apps a simple, easy-to-navigate look. Apps are categorically arranged, while your frequently used apps are just one click away.

  • Picture in Picture

Now you can use another app and continue watching videos or continue your FaceTime call at the same time.

How to upgrade to iOS 14 

There are two ways to upgrade your IOS 14- you can either wait for your phone to notify you of the availability of iOS 14 for your iPhone or do a manual update.

The manual upgrade can be done by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update; then, you will click on the Download and Install. Your iPhone passcode, you will be required if you have a password lock.

iPhone Update Problems

While this process might look easy and less stressful, some complications may arise in the process of updating your IOS. Some of these complications include:

Lack of Storage space to download of iOS 14

Insufficient space could be a stumbling block for you to be able to download and upgrade your iPhone. In such a situation, make sure you free up some space by deleting some apps or video files or photos. Do well to ensure that you have at least 5 GB of free space on the iPhone.

Stuck on Slide to Upgrade Screen

This mostly arises as a result of a software glitch when the iPhone iOS 14 has been tampered with. This is one of the most frequent complaints of iPhone users during the upgrading process 

Boot loop

C:\Users\Adetunji Abdulrahman\Desktop\14965857299613.jpg

An iPhone boot loop problem may also arise when you update to iOS 14. In fact, it is one of the most popular problems. It happens when your phone doesn’t go beyond the booting stage. This is due to malware or bad update, which cause the iPhone to get stuck in the boot loop. This causes the iPhone to restart over and over again.

An error occurred installing iOS 14

Honestly, there is no particular reason for the cause of this, as an unexpected error may arise during the installation of an iOS update.

When Software Update Server of iOS 14 Could Not Be Contacted

This is also known as Error 1671. When you are updating your phone via iTunes, you might receive a message that it is impossible to contact the update server. This occurs due to network connectivity issues or an overload of the Apple servers. 

Stuck on Verifying iOS 14 Update

Upon completion of the downloading of the iOS 14, your iPhone may get stuck on the iOS 14 update verifying the message. This can originate from an incomplete or corrupt software download, a problem with your Apple ID, or any other software-related issue.

Fixing Update Issues

There are diverse ways to resolve boot loop and other update problems. One of the easiest solutions to breaking the boot loop is to force a restart of the phone. For instance, for an iPhone 7, you can simply press the power button and the volume button.

You can also break your phone boot loop by using iTunes; however, make sure your iTunes is the latest version. You can also do the factory reset of your phone, though all the data on your phone will wipe in the course of doing this.

Use Dr Fone System Repair

As an alternative to these solutions listed above, you can get the Dr. Fone Wondershare software which helps you to fix iOS system issues in a matter of minutes. While iTunes is what is commonly used to solve iPhone software problems, our software works better. The app also lets you backup and restore. You can fix your reboot loop, black screen, white screen, and all other iOS problems yourself with the application.

Also, if you are having continuous issues with the iOS 14 upgrade, it is advisable that you downgrade to a lower version. You can use our software for the downgrade in simple and easy steps.

You can join Dr Fone iOS update plan to have access to all these features and stand a chance to win new iPhone 12 as well. The Wondershare Dr.Fone – Repair (iOS) is your solution to all iPhone software problems.

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