Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 8 October 2020

The Beauty of Life Is Being Systematically Destroyed by the Covid Hoax

Witnessing the panoply of beauty in all of nature takes us out of our shell of self-absorption and makes us realize that we are merely bit players in the game of life. Witnessing the majesty of beauty confirms that the real show lies outside us to observe and appreciate and not inside us to transfix us. True beauty charms us into seeing the grandeur of goodness that surrounds us and by doing so, the pristine splendour of nature releases us from wallowing in the poverty of our self-idealization. The bewitching spell cast by the exquisiteness of nature levitates our souls and transforms our psyche. When we see, hear, taste, smell, or touch what is beautiful, we cannot suppress the urge to replicate its baffling texture by singing, dancing, painting, or writing. Opening our eye to the loveliness of a single flower is how we stay in touch with the glorious pageantry of living.”

n order for ugliness and evil to conquer beauty, first beauty must be made to seem ugly and evil. If beauty is feared, if it is portrayed as a threat to life, then an intentional manipulation of the human mind and psyche can cause a flight from beauty so as to gain protection from concocted harm. This is akin to hiding in the dark instead of seeking the light. Should this situation be perpetuated long enough, beauty in the minds of man can become the enemy instead of the essence of life. Without beauty, life becomes emotionless and cold, and therefore a bland existence dependent on rule becomes the norm, while joy and wonder disappear. This is the world we are experiencing today, as evil forces are attempting to kill the human spirit, which in turn will destroy the beauty of life.

This is being accomplished due to fear of the unknown, a manufactured fear purposely meant to cause panic and chaos. None of this is natural, but is a planned conspiracy with the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere of such extreme apprehension as to cause humanity to give up all that is dear to them in order to survive the false threat. That threat has to be thought to be so great that the people will feel obligated to obey the ruling class without question as a condition of survival. If fear can be sustained at this level, total control over the masses becomes an easy task.

All the state players had to do was to invent something so scary that the public would cower and hide, and succumb to tyrannical rule. Creating out of thin air a virus less deadly than the common cold, and portraying it as the new plague of mankind, was all that was necessary to gain compliance and adherence to draconian measures. The success of this coup is dependent on constant fear, and on continuous division. The fear aspect is evident, but will have to be enhanced, and the division amongst the people is being stoked daily, and will soon escalate to dangerous levels during another ridiculous election that will be used to cause mass panic inside an already mass panic. There will be multiple ‘claimed’ calamities that will adversely affect all aspects of society. These will be health related of course, but also will be economic, will breed civil unrest, and will cause violent reaction in the streets. With this chaos will come martial law, either in isolated areas or more broad-based, depending on the coming carnage created and allowed by the state.

The scene is set, and most of the masses are ripe for takeover, as the beauty in their lives has already been largely eliminated. When one thinks of all the joys in life, many things come to mind. Family of course is vital, but families are being isolated, quarantined, and threatened continuously. Some family members are dying (or being murdered), and are not allowed to see their own; while laws are now being considered that could allow children to be taken away from parents during isolation. Travel is becoming impossible, especially considering travel outside this or any other country. The beauty and wonder of far away places and cultures are now out of reach. In most parts of the world, getting out in nature is now very difficult, and outdoor excursions around the world are not allowed or are heavily restricted. Live concerts are a thing of the past, so music, which is a miracle of life, is being squelched. The same is true of dancing, artistry, art shows and fares, and gatherings of different peoples experiencing beauty and the fascination of life and genius. Food, exotic cuisines, gourmet gatherings, the excitement of restaurant experiences, and even backyard barbeques are in many cases not allowed or made meaningless by mandated and insane rules. Sports at all levels have been ruined, and are nothing more than contemptible jokes played in empty stadiums.

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