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Our Children Are Now In Grave Danger – by Claire Edwards

This is a response to the request for information from a parent near Leicester, UK, about a high-pitched noise[2] perceived by his child and classmates and his suspicion that it may be connected to 5G. Below I present evidence not only that his suspicion may be well-founded, but also that his child – and all other children in the UK and elsewhere – may be facing multiple threats in 2020 that go well beyond the danger from 5G.

Accelerated installation of 5G during lockdowns

The “Covid” lockdown measures across the world included prioritizing the accelerated installation of 5G on the spurious grounds that it would be needed by emergency services. This led to the “mysterious” deaths of ambulance workers[3] and birds,[4],[5] which cease to be mysterious when one is aware of the extreme dangers of WiFi,[6] hotspots/public access points,[7] 5G[8] and WiGig at 60 GHz,[9] which prevents the uptake of oxygen by haemoglobin.[10],[11]

The widespread installation of 5G antennas and 60 GHz WiGig – both of which use highly dangerous beamforming antennas that concentrate the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) – endangers adults, and especially children, whose bodies and brains contain more water than those of adults and who have developing brains.

Ongoing international campaigns against WiFi in schools

There are ongoing vigorous campaigns against the use of WiFi in schools around the world.[12] Weapons expert Barrie Trower, who campaigns tirelessly on behalf of children, states that exposing children to WiFi will produce sterility within five generations.[13] Professor Emeritus Martin Pall states that this would be achieved a great deal faster with 5G.[14]


Tinnitus or whistling in the ears is one of the well-known symptoms of exposure to EMR. Below is a list of symptoms recorded by Dr. Yael Stein,[15] who specializes in research into so-called electrohypersensitivity, which results from exposure to the environmental toxin that is EMR.

Let us compare the symptoms of exposure to electromagnetic radiation and the symptoms of the alleged “Covid”.[16]

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