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One More Social Network Offers Stories to its Members: LinkedIn

It would seem like people think that what you have to say now should not remain online forever. At least, that is the impression we can get from the fact that most of the leaders in social networks are now offering their members the possibility to create stories which will disappear automatically after a certain period of time. The latest to do so is LinkedIn.

  1. 24 Hour Stories

LinkedIn did not try to reinvent the model of stories when it decided to give it a go. In fact, it works exactly the same way as stories published on Snapchat or Instagram. First you take a photo that you would like to share with your contacts. Then, you make them a little more beautiful by decorating them and finally you upload them to your profile. If a contact of yours goes online during the next 24 hours, he will have the chance to catch your latest stories. For those who won’t be on the World Wide Web during that period: Better luck next time.

There can be no doubt, now that the giant LinkedIn has joined the ranks, that stories have become an important part of the way people and companies communicate online. That is why everyone can use the help of an application like Mojoapp. Producing a story and making it available to those that follow you cannot be treated lightly anymore. The post may last only 24-hours online, but if they don’t look good, this knowledge is not about to go away anytime soon for the people that see them. With Mojoapp, you can create sophisticated posts with texts, added images, music, stickers, logos, videos… In other words, posts that looks more professional and will keep your public interested in what you have to show them.

  1. LinkedIn Expects More Profession Oriented Posts

The VP of product at LinkedIn, Kiran Prasad, introduced these new stories and gave some indications as to what they should be used for. Since this is a network of professionals, posts should not be about the last shirt someone bought or a birthday party that they attended. LinkedIn views it more as a way to share a special moment in your career, such as receiving a prize, being promoted or being speaker at an event. The fact that it lasts only 24 hours doesn’t mean that you cannot, later on, decide to repeat the information on a permanent post as well.

For now, the company is testing its new stories in seven countries which are: The US, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, the Netherlands and the UAE.

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