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Are Google Execs Advising the Department of Defense So They Can Make Billions Off 5G?

The “Race for 5G” has become so controversial that it’s been the subject of Dilbert comic strips. Cities AND entire countries have taken action to ban, delay, halt, and limit installation AS WELL AS issue moratoriums. American opposition is about more than biological (see 123) and environmental risks (see 12). Federal agencies and other experts warn that it can threaten national security, public safety, and weather forecasting accuracy (see 123). Critics also warn it will create massive job lossand eliminate Americans’ right to privacy. Other downsides: 5G is an energy vampire AND it can cause base stations to overheat.

High-speed internet CAN be achieved without 5G.  Nevertheless, in August, Trump reintroduced his proposal to have a national 5G plan and the Department of Defense (DoD) seems to be on board. Google also wants to be involved. Then again, it seems the questionably ethical (see 12) and privacy violating company (see 1234) has been involved since even before Trump was elected.

From Breitbart: 

Bokhari: The ‘Defense Innovation Board’ May Just Be a Google Lobbying Operation

Despite its long track record of hostility to the Trump movement, including the wholesale suppression of pro-Trump media in its search engine, Google is on track to secure a major lobbying objective — overhauling the government’s 5G strategy. Google seems to have an ally in reaching its target in the form of the Department of Defense’s “Defense Innovation Board.”

In 2016, Obama’s Department of Defense created a “Defense Innovation Board” (DIB) chaired by then Alphabet CEO Eric Schmidt and also included Milo Medin, Google’s head of Wireless, who is still on it. Schmidt only left the board this month due to term limits.

In addition to including members from the high ranks of Google, the revolving door at the Defense Innovation Board also rotates in the opposite direction.

In March this year, DIB Executive Director Josh Marcuse left the board to join Google as the head of strategy and innovation for the global public sector. He has since used his position at Google to advocate on 5G policy.

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