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Removal of Form 5 Cremation Certificate for deaths relating to Covid-19 under the Coronavirus Act

The following is from an investigation by Lisa Jane Waters:

Licence for murder?

As we head in to winter watch death statistic manipulation go into overdrive, check out this “Medical Practitioners” guidance on death provisions. 

Did you know that the UK Government have removed Form 5 of the Cremation Certificate for deaths relating to Covid-19 under the Coronavirus Act which is the form that the relative who registers the death must be given as it enables them to see and query the death certificate before cremation. 

So basically if your loved one dies of or with Covid19 they can have their death certified and cremation certified by the same medical practitioner and sent for cremation within hours and the government have removed your right to see or query that decision before the cremation takes place which in turn removes your right to request a coroners report or second opinion.  

Why would they do this? And the removal notice of Form 5 doesn’t explain what the section that’s been removed is actually for.  I had to search the internet for older cremation forms to find out what  Form 5 was used for. That information was nowhere on the UK Government website. 

The order in which the comorbidities are listed determines how the death appears in the statistics and if the patient just happens to test positive without symptoms then it should not be listed in the cause of death at all. Neither “of Covid19” or “with Covid19” should be used at all….. the scam is bigger than you know.

I think this is about keeping COVID deaths high enough to justify the continuation of mask and lockdown fascism.This will prevent a lot of autopsies and second opinions. Dr. Yeadon has recently been taking them to task for classifying so many people who died of their comorbidities as deaths from COVID-19. He keeps pointing out that, on autopsy, forensic pathologists are regularly determining these patients expired from heart disease, cancer, stroke, and so on.Will our newly weaponized and deputized rule authoritarians prevent us from bringing these monsters to justice for their crimes against humanity?” Darwin K Hoop

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