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Four Reasons to Use Banners for Advertising Your Business

As a small business, it can become a headache trying to decide what form of advertising is best to get in front of your customers. With so many options available, especially in the digital age, you can look at everything, from using social media to PR, to increase your brand’s visibility. All marketing tactics have a time and a place. The main limitation as a small business is that you’re likely doing most of the day-to-day work yourself, which means your time is limited, and you won’t always have time to commit yourself to tactics like digital marketing fully. In this situation, a simple solution like putting up a vinyl banner can have an immediate and high-impact effect. Here are just some of the advantages of this strategy.

Low cost

Tactics like digital advertising and advertising in a magazine or local paper can be expensive, with more advanced techniques becoming increasingly so. Vinyl banner printing is one of the cheapest marketing tactics out there. Even if you hire a local freelancer to design your banner and have a high-quality banner printed, it will still be far cheaper than buying time on the radio or placing a TV ad.

It’s targeted.

As a local business, your target market is those people a few miles from your store, and if you’re selling either a product or service, you want the people close to you to know you’re open for business. A banner can be put up to direct people to your store, let people know about offers you have, or to drum up awareness at an event. This targeted approach means you’re not wasting time and resources on people that aren’t interested in your service, or aren’t close enough to travel and purchase anything from you. 

You only have to pay once. 

Many marketing activities require an ongoing payment to keep your advertising running, such as digital ads you must pay for every click or advertising in a magazine that requires payment for every issue you want to appear. Once you’ve purchased your banner, you can use it at every event you attend and hang it up at or near your store without paying again.

Banners are reusable.

If you attend many events, then a vinyl or fabric banner is a great asset you can bring with you to attract people to your stand. Vinyl and fabric banners are both simple to fold away after using them and can be stored quickly, ready for your next event. Vinyl banners are incredibly easy to clean after an event and only need to be wiped down with a damp cloth if they become dirty, making them perfect for outdoor events. Fabric banners need a little extra care if they get wet or spills on them, meaning they are best for indoor events, but a quick trip to the dry cleaners is all you need to make them as right as new.

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