Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 5 October 2020

Staying Positive in an often Negative World

Life brings many challenges. One of the biggest is to stay in a positive state-of-mind through all the negative news, circumstances and events that happen daily. It takes discipline, faith and confidence to stay grounded and make this a better world. If each one of us on this planet do this every moment we can, life will get better for everyone.

If your spirits are down and you are not feeling great, look around you to see what you have to be grateful for. Remember staying in a low emotional state can rub off on people around you, and can negatively affect their day as well. Negative emotions can spread like wild fire, therefore if one is alert and becomes aware they have slipped into them, the solution moving forward is identifying this and bringing the emotional scale up into positive emotions, such as; love, happiness, joy etc.

All positive spiritual voices must be heard!

How many times is your day affected by a person in a bad mood, or a client that is irate and demands immediate attention, or the latest news designed to keep people in a state of fear?

Some days are harder than others, and even if that irate client crosses paths with you, be as polite and positive to them as you possibly can be. The person will start to calm down and the problem will come to a faster solution if you approach it this way. This helps the incensed client also behave better, because their day has just improved, therefore moving them up into a better emotional state.

People in a bad mood require to be cheered up. If you are a person with a sense of humour, it just might be the tonic to help alleviate their problems. If you can raise their emotional level up to at least neutral, you have done a good thing for mankind. We are all connected on the other side; therefore helping someone else helps everyone out at the same time.

The news is almost always one hundred percent negative. It is best to avoid it. If you have been used to reading the newspaper, or watching the news on TV, this will be an adjustment you may need to make. Understand that the media outlets are owned by the same powerful people, thus dictating what you absorb into your consciousness and then subconscious. For years they have been controlling people through disinformation and fear. More people are awakening to this fact and tuning out of their scripted news. 

If you cannot avoid watching the news, and must see it for one reason or another – and it all appears negative with the suffering they like to show – then send light and love to all parties involved. It does not matter how the news is being presented, the end result is they are human beings and thus could use all the help they can get. Sending love and light helps more than you think.

Until the news changes and the real facts are being reported, it would be wise to look behind the curtain to come to a more informed decision. The internet and the global community is a good place to start. People are communicating all over the world via different methods; this is a positive development as the truth often comes out beyond what CNN and like-minded media outlets report.

Digging for answers can bring satisfaction. This in turn can ease the worried mind, and help people start to understand one another. We really are not that different, we have just been told we are. Once understanding is accomplished, a bridge to a better world, and indeed a better dimension will have been built.

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