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Macron bans home education except for health reasons from 2021

This is the flagship measure announced by Emmanuel Macron during his speech on “separatism”, renamed “The Republic in acts”, this Friday October 2 at Les Mureaux (Yvelines)

Among the “5 pillars” on which the head of state wants to rely to reconquer neighborhoods and individuals inclined to “separate from the Republic”: the school “It is our republican melting pot”, “our common”, defended Emmanuel Macron, describing the school for the place “where we force consciences” and where children learn citizenship

“We have seen excesses, diversions”, recounted Emmanuel Macron after three years of work on those who drop out of school to follow home education “50000 children follow home education, a figure which increases each year ”, lamented the Head of State who notes“ repeated absences ”or“ certificates given for allergies to chlorine ”which end with dropouts towards“ undeclared structures ”

“I took a decision without doubt of the most radical since the law of 1882 (Ferry law which makes education compulsory, editor’s note) or that on co-education at school in 1969”, warns Emmanuel Macron in the preamble of its major announcement “Education at school will be compulsory for all in 2021”, announces the head of state who warns: home education will be limited to health requirements

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