Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 4 October 2020

Antifa Weaponizing Arson?

Nothing about the year 2020 has been even close to subtle or normal thus far. To call it divisive would be a gross understatement. Political division is currently at levels only seen during the lead up to our nation’s independence and the American Civil War. The country’s ideological left incorrectly assumes it has both the popular majority and moral imperative to mold our society completely into their vision. This has led to a stand-alone complex being created. You have multiple factions of this ideology attempting to achieve this through different means and for different reasons. It gives the appearance that its one unified force but it’s the opposite. Although the more mainstream and establishment political organizations operate under the faulty logic that they can control the others. These others are the more extreme and direct-action groups like Black Lives Matter (BLM) and Antifa.

Over the past few months, BLM and Antifa have mostly been conducting their operations to varying degrees in the safer stomping grounds of large cities. They are allowed a great deal of freedom to operate because these cities have leadership which thinks it can use these groups to their advantage. Thankfully, the federal government has been able to operate effectively enough to keep them not only occupied but contained. However, Antifa especially has learned how to operate from our foreign enemies like Al-Queda. These highly independent cells are able to coordinate through social media and prove than can challenge established law enforcement. They have also likely learned from the COVID-19 pandemic the power of nature disaster to control the populace.

This now brings us to a question being raised by some about their involvement in the forest fires that have been plaguing the west coast states this year. While some have been linked to specific causes, there are still many with unexplained origins. The most common natural-ignition source is a lightning strike. Yet the weather patterns this year have seen a very limited number of lightning storms to be the cause of so many fires. The other common factor is human interaction. Which brings us back to Antifa. Many have asked the question about whether some of its members are starting these fires and is the government downplaying this or outright trying to cover it up?

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