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It is pretty safe to say that we have evolved into a smart generation with smarter phones (no shade), but whether you are a millennial or somebody from Gen Z― eventually you would want to settle down with a partner. 

In their pursuit of finding the “other half”, people are often led to having valid concerns related to the methods that can be put to use. Online dating ―till date― continues to win many hearts, yet the debate on which is the best dating app is never-ending. In order to overcome this complication, we shall review the top dating apps, and make a comparison to see which one fits your needs the best way!

There happens to be ―not just a sea, but a vast ocean of dating apps, and sailing through it requires way more time and energy than you would think, but we are here to do just that so you wouldn’t have to! Without further ado, let’s get into it:


With a motto that says― “designed to be deleted”, Hinge focuses more on being able to set people up in true relationships in comparison to the mindless swiping, some of the other apps have to offer. They promote the idea of deleting the app once you have found your match. However, if you are not ready for a relationship already, and are only looking for casual hookups then it isn’t too bad for that either. After signing up, you have to fill in the basic information about yourself. It is― of course, more detailed/extended than if you sign up for any social media app. The important point to note is that you have to pin your exact location on the map. Your work, ethnicity, religion, education, body type must show up on your profile, however, you still get to control how you would want your profile to look at first sight. 

Some notable features of the app:

  • You can connect your profile to your Facebook account, and 6 of your recent pictures from there will automatically be uploaded.
  • You can send likes, comments and messages free of cost.
  • You can’t only like somebody’s photos but also parts of their profiles such as preferences, thoughts and opinions.

After the app was taken over by the Match group, it underwent major upgrades and a redesign. The app interface is easy to use, so you specifically don’t have to be a tech savvy to be able to use it. 


Yes, it’s that swiping app! But it definitely has more to it than just the ability to swipe your way through hundreds of profiles. After signing up, you have to fill in the basics about yourself― your name, gender, age, email and yes, that is all. It does not budge you by asking for your preferences. However, it does prompt you to sign up for their exclusive account: Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus and boosts. You can then add your current location and also your preferable type of match, ―that includes all the specifics. They have a feature called Card Stack, which allows an exemption from being swiped off or even for your profile to show up to other users, to prevent any suitors. You still exist on the app and can talk to the people you matched with beforehand.

Facebook Dating:

Yes, you read it right! Facebook dating is a thing, however, as of right now it is only available in the States. It is so much easier to step out in the world of dating, without the hassles of having to sign up on a new app altogether. It shows up things in common with other users, taking all the information from your profile that you built ages ago! It is best suited for people who can’t take a lot of time out to register themselves on different platforms.

All these apps out there have definitely given dating a whole new perspective, while it may be looked down upon by some people, majority are in awe of this “digital love”.

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