Posted by Jon Rappoport Posted on 2 October 2020

The “COVID economy”: the plan

In the over 200 articles I’ve written on the fake COVID pandemic, I’ve covered the currency reset, social credit score, universal income tied to behavior control, socialism as the gateway into a technocratic Brave New World, smart cities, wall to wall real time surveillance, Internet of Things—among MANY other subjects.

Here, I want to focus on a near-time economic and social revolution happening before our eyes:

Through lockdowns and distancing, the massive destruction of small and medium-sized businesses. Millions of them.

The owners and workers will be forced to go where?

FROM those former businesses—which were hard to control through top-down methods—INTO the employment of major corporations, which will be picking up the economic slack and expanding.

That’s the pattern.

And when a person works for one of these behemoths, he is told: “Of course, you’ll either have to take the COVID vaccine or get tested every three days.”

We need to build a different kind of economy that is truly a resurrection of businesses of all kinds. To escape the trap.

Entrepreneurship is vital.

Here is an excerpt from an article I wrote in 2017:

In a future sea of darkness, the islands of light, toward which people desperately grope, are clusters of buildings occupied by mega-corporations and government agencies.

To achieve a measure of survival, people seek those islands and the jobs that come with them.

When you sign on and are accepted, you pledge a loyalty that knows no bounds, because there is no viable alternative. You cease worrying about the crimes your employer is committing, because you are safe, you are out of the darkness, and you want to stay there.

What would cause this future to come to pass? Many answers have been offered. I’ll add a factor to the list.

It concerns a method of problem-solving. Here is the premise: if a problem crops up, solve it by enlarging the scope of the “relevant factors.”

More precisely, ARTIFICIALLY enlarge the scope of the relevant factors. Go from a smaller problem to a bigger solution that encompasses more territory and control the bigger territory.

This is Elite Problem Solving.

In 1996, Hillary Clinton’s book, It Takes a Village, appeared. In it, she argued that a whole community must solve the problem of raising a child. Of course, this was pretentious nonsense. It runs parallel to the idea that no entrepreneur can prosper without infra-structure that is built with public money, and therefore the entrepreneur and his output should be the property of the State.

Starting with the individual child, Clinton offers a solution that encompasses a town or a community or even a city…or who knows…maybe a planet.

But the original problem isn’t solved (if it was a problem to begin with), and the solution is an artifact designed to regulate and control a larger environment. To put it another way, Clinton’s model makes it necessary to put everyone under the gun because a child may be a problem.

If the free market gives birth to 12 million companies, this creates the “problem” of uninspected potential crimes. Therefore, we have to put the world under the regulatory eye and nose of agencies, whose ultimate objective is to wipe out those enterprises, or weaken them to the point at which they will be absorbed in much larger corporations—until, finally, there are 400 mega-corporations that are responsible for 80% of all international trade and production.

Of course, when 400 corporations do constitute the productive engine of Earth, they will have bought off governments so they can do exactly as they like. They will partner with governments to share the spoils. Which was part of the idea in the first place.

Again, the method is: whatever the size of the original purported problem, make the solution bigger and more encompassing.

If one gun (fired by one person) killed one person, confiscate all guns everywhere.

Here is another example: if you foment and prepare and fund and supply a war between two major powers, in the aftermath you will solve the problem of reconstruction by welding those powers together as one Complex…in which case, you end up with larger unified organizations than when you started, and you control that unified whole.

In Europe, that whole is called the totalitarian European Union.

—-end of excerpt from 2017—

And our response to that elite, artificial method of “problem-solving”: go the other way. Build, in every way possible, small businesses. Entrepreneurship.

No one said it would be easy.

Neither is liberty. Neither is freedom.

Slavery is easy. Until the consequences hit home.

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