Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 30 September 2020

The Mask Police

Being at a student resident at a naturopathic medical college, I thought people would have some commonsense, but I see the same illogical fears about scamrona (corona). The maintenance and security team act like they are the mask police and tell students living on campus to wear their mask anytime they step foot outside of their rooms 24/7. They slipped letters under our doors stating that mask wearing is mandatory at all times according to the law, even if you go to the bathroom or kitchen. The only permissible exception is if you are eating or drinking.

It is ridiculous that I have to bring a something to eat or a cup (even if empty) to the lounge just to make it look like I’m munching or slurping something so the mask gestapo leaves me alone. People are so bored living meaningless lives, so they have nothing else better to do. They are completely ignorant of reason, science, and logic that all they do mindlessly obey the establishment. So people are policing each other like sheep for not wearing a mask.

If I go for a walk at the park, people get scared of me because I don’t wear a mask. They quickly quiver at the sight of my exposed face as if I were a werewolf. I thought my colleagues would be more educated about the effectiveness of masks and the artificial pandemic of scamrona. Unfortunately, most medical students are nothing but medical drones and have bought the false narrative. Even doctors are whacked out of their mind. I’ve heard one say that she wants the vaccine come October just so she can continue working at the clinic and everything will go back to normal. Aside from a few friends, everyone believes in the lie.

My concern is the powers that be may try selling the narrative of everything going back to normal life if only everybody gets the vaccine.

I feel like I’m living in a crazy zone. I can only talk to very few individuals about the uselessness of masks and why scamrona is an artificially created pandemic designed to scare the masses into giving up their freedom.

Positive Thinking Cult

The common theme I’ve noticed at my school is to just keep thinking positive and everything will get better. If anyone says anything that is interpreted as negative, there’s something wrong with them. It’s almost as if it is a positive thinking cult, and that if you dare say a meteorite is coming, you are dubbed a negative person whose energy needs cleansing. This is stupidity at its finest, but unfortunately it’s all around us.

I’ve discussed this with one male colleague and friend of mine who is awakened to the fake science of scamrona, and doesn’t buy into the lies of domestic terrorist organizations like Black Lives Matters. We both concurred that from an economic perspective, America is doomed financially. It’s only a matter of time before the system collapses. When the United States does fall, there will be a trickle down effect on Canada, Europe, and all other western nations. Civilization as we know it will topple.

Rather discuss the faults of WHO and corrupt corporations who scared the masses by overstating the dangers of scamrona, colleges are more preoccupied about “White privilege” and other bogus belief systems. It is both shocking and disappointing that the naturopathic profession is not taking a bold stand against this invented pandemic to the public. They are just following the narrative and going along with what the establishment says is fact. I know some colleagues who know what’s going on, it’s like a small minority within a minority. Whenever I mention vitamin C, and the fact, not belief, that can treat scamrona as the government of Shanghai has declared, I’m viewed as a nut by medical and naturopathic colleagues. If I say that scamrona is being pushed by the dark forces to gain more control over the population, I’m dubbed a conspiracy theorists even thought it is a conspiracy reality.

High dose intravenous vitamin C cures scamrona. This is a fact, not a belief, conspiracy, or superstition. Vitamin C is the real preventative against this pandemic, but sheeple refuse to acknowledge the research and instead choose to obey the will of the socialists running America, Canada, and pretty much the entire world. So they walk around with a baby diaper over their mouth thinking that they are safe. They’re living in fear, and eventually the truth will slap them across the face.

We have arrived at a fork in the road in our evolution. The one big benefit of this situation is it is easy to see who is awake and who is alseep. I have found myself meeting more who know what’s going on and I intend to continue meeting and associating with new individuals who use their brains. The brain dead obedient schmucks can continue living in their intellectual cesspit where they can debate in circles with each other.

I suggest you do the same, and become more selective with whom you spend your time with. Dealing with asleep people has become a inconvenience that is no longer worth it.

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