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Covid Crimes… 1) No Virus, 2) No Test, 3) No Contagion

You will have noticed that there has been a massive disruption to life and livelihoods during 2020.  To aid uncensored truth, please see three topics which require an urgent, public, ‘covid’ discussion:

No Virus…

In 1890, German Physician, Dr Robert Koch, set out four required proofs (called Koch’s postulates) to fully establish that a ‘virus’ actually caused any disease.  Koch’s Postulate 1: An identical virus must be present in every case of a specific disease. 2: The purified virus should be uniquely identified. 3: The virus should be capable of being grown under laboratory conditions.  4: The virus must produce the same symptoms in each case of the disease.  Koch’s work supported findings of the body ‘terrain theory’ of Antoine Bechamp – who proved that ‘viruses’ alone do not make you sick.  Despite 40 years of trying, Louis Pasteur (while good at marketing) failed to make anyone sick via coughs, sneezes or the snot of others – nor between animals and people using his: germ ‘theory’.  We all have daily, monthly and yearly detoxes – a natural cycle of self-cleansing and bodily rebuild.  

View: Tom Barnett (11 min’s video) No Virus: 

No Test…

Dr Kary Mullis invented the PCR test stating it is not accurate enough to use as a diagnostic tool.  The RT-PCR (Reverse Transcription – Polymerase Chain Reaction) test is a quantitative, not a qualitative test.  It is based solely on repeated, amplification cycles of ‘viral load’ particles – the more cycles of a repeated amplification, the more likely a claimed, but false, positive, to drive the: Case-Demic. Is this true science which depends on an arbitrary and variable cut off?  The particles are in reality cellular exosomes, excreted as cleansing solvents, naturally detoxifying a health compromised body.  The banning of autopsy tests eliminated all evidence that could actually confirm ‘covid claimed’ deaths.  An important study would to focus on the 90% of those claimed ‘covid deaths’ who had received the flu vaccine.  A further study should investigate the new method of flu vaccine manufacture. 

On 31st August 2020, the US, Centre for Disease Control reduced the number of ‘covid deaths’ from over 150,000 down to just over 9,000 deaths.  Likely, this ‘deaths reduction’ figure was triggered by the US Department of Justice starting an investigation into hospital insurance fraud for claims over ‘covid deaths’.  The mass use of ventilators resulted in a 90% death rate, as the evidence piled up. 

No Contagion…

Dr Thomas Cowan has just written the book: The Contagion Myth – out tomorrow 29th September. To quote from his video below “you can’t give sickness to somebody else”. He has extensively studied how viral ‘particles’ don’t make you sick – but can, when injected…  Evidence confirms that there is NO increase in world annual deaths but sadly, ‘substitution’ deaths, as detailed in the book: CORONA FALSE ALARM? by Dr Karina Reiss and Dr Sucharit Bhakdi.  Lawsuits have already been filed against governments in England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and Germany.  New Nuremberg Trials will take place, and we will then see the origins of this: Covid-19-84 PLANdemic – who initiated it, and why.  

Dr Thomas Cowan (1 hour 30 minutes exposé): 

The Isle of Man chief minister already speaks of ‘covid 21’ – maybe he has received a script that we haven’t seen?  (In reality, a world-wide economic re-set is fully underway – under cover of ‘covid’).

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