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How To Boost Your Immune System

With the raging storm of COVID-19 around the world, everyone seems to have realized the importance of strong immune systems. Although few of us were already aware of the importance of this function, many yet need enlightenment. 

The immune system of your body is the first line of defense against any infections, viruses, and diseases. However, no scientific study proves exactly what immune cells are needed most by our body or in what quantity. But that is not to say that you cannot improve your immune system by adopting a healthy lifestyle. 

What Builds Your Immunity?

In all fairness, the age-old myths of “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” have little scientific to back them up.  

Your body has numerous different kinds of immune cells that prevent a disease or virus from entering your body. Anyhow, there is always that one stubborn germ that manages to invade and multiply. Now the question here is that is it possible to intervene in the process and bring it to a halt?

Well, this is not that simple to explain. Ever seen T.V commercials of anti-bacterial spirits or hand washes that advertise to kill 99.9% of the germs? Of course, you have! You may have wondered as I have, that if it had been so effective, then why not claim a total 100%? It’s because you can never be a hundred percent sure. 

Tips For Boosting Your Immune System

Not having enough scientific evidence to improve your system doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t give it a shot either. Some lifestyle changes and a few healthy habits have a long list of benefits, if not to the immune system alone. So how to boost your immune system naturally?

So here are some of the things that you can do to give your body a fighting chance and an upper hand against infections and diseases.

Choose To Go The Healthy Way

This sure does sound like an odd fact. Because how can care for your health not be healthy?

Have you noticed the trend of injecting anti-bodies into the bloodstreams of patients with COVID-19 lately? I wouldn’t say it is a bad thing for those suffering from the illness, but if you are injecting them as a precautionary measure, then it can have some side effects.

Although the medical industry is much more advanced and knows how to neutralize the risks, it can have its effects. Your body may react to the abnormal change and can cause additional pressure on your circulatory system.

Let’s look the other way. It is quite common among athletes to pump extra blood for higher performances. It is called blood doping. It is, no doubt, an easy and effective way to keep your muscles oxidized, but it puts too much pressure on your circulatory system. This is why, in some cases, it may even result in a stroke. 

I do not deny the benefits of pumping anti-bodies to a patient who shows no sign of recovery. But what I am saying is that it is best to keep it as a last resort and not the prime option.

Importance Of Sleep For A Healthy Immune System

Whenever you look into anything for the improvement of your health, very rarely will you sleep not being mentioned. That is because your body needs adequate rest to charge up again. You do get your energy from food, but an unrested body is fatigued and overworked very easily.

Sleeping in moderation is always the safest way to go. Sleeping too much will have more or less the same side effects as sleeping too less. The recommended time for the elderly is at least 6 hours a day and 8 hours a day for young adults.

You move around doing many things daily. You walk, exercise, and work. Every activity uses up some muscles of your body, and it will eventually need rest. The regular gym goers know the importance of sleep for the recovery of their muscles, but most people are in the dark.

You are bound to catch a cold not because of an infection or virus but because of fatigue. Regular ailments can lower your guard against many other health threats. So look into your sleep schedule and see where improvements can be made.

Diet, Diet, Diet!

Just as your body needs sleep to rest, it needs the right combination of food for energy. You cannot expect to go far or hit hard during the day with an empty stomach. As the old saying goes, “armies march on their bellies”!

There is no such specific immunity boosting foods for adults or people of other age groups. But as common sense, malnutrition people are bound to be more vulnerable to external health threats. Again, there is no scientific evidence to back this up. But statistics show the malnutrition and malnourished people in Africa catch many more infections easily.

Maybe it is the effect of malnutrition or a sign of a weak immune system. We do not know yet. But we do know is that our body needs nutrition from a variety of different food items to function properly. If you do not consume enough proteins, you are likely to see muscle degeneration. If you do not consume enough vegetables, you are going to have a weak metabolic system, and so on.

The safest bet is including as many vegetables and fruits in your meals as proteins and meat.

Supplements And Herbs 

By walking into a pharmacy these days, you will notices shelves labeled with supplements to boost the immune system. You may even make a run for the calcium, zinc, and magnesium supplements as it has been associated much with boosting the immune system.

But again, there is no medical proof of its effects. However, it does have many health benefits. The best part about supplements is that they always help in keeping your body at 100%. This naturally increases the chances of your body’s defense against foreign viruses and diseases. 

Other than the advertised supplements, herbal extracts like the white maeng da kratom are also considered effective in boosting your immune system. It functions by calming your body and removing the stress and tension, in muscles and minds. You will find yourself much energized when you buy kratom and use it often.

Mental Health And The Immune System

For people that frequently ask how to increase immunity via home remedies, the best suggestion is to keep their mental health in check. 

High levels of stress, depression, and anxiety have been known to cause many health issues. It puts an additional burden on your central nervous system and drains you out of the energy. When the cells in your body does not have enough energy to keep a virus or a disease at bay, you are most likely to catch it. 

Other than its effects on immunity, good mental health ensures fluent operations during the day. The excruciating back pains and numbing headaches may not necessarily be a sign of contracting a disease. But it can very well be a strong sign of your nervous system being under too much stress.Check out how you can improve your mental health or to play it safe, visit a professional therapist for promising results.

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