Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 27 September 2020

The Evil Eye: Cause and Solution

In many cultures there is a belief that the evil eye exists.  Just what is the “evil eye”?  Is it an invisible evil eye that follows people around ready to attack at any time?  Could it be commands sent out by a jealous person or persons, which travel through the vibrations in the etheric and strike?  Whatever the reason there are many people that wear crystals, such as Tigers Eye, Malachite, Turquoise, and Quartz among others to protect themselves against people who they believe can affect them through negative intentions.

Elders in society that are spiritual in nature will almost certainly confirm the existence of such beliefs, that is why they have such elaborate ceremonies, often filled with sage and incense to ward of potential evil spirits and purify the space before prayers and meditation.  These types of beliefs seem to be forgotten in modern society which is a pity.

One of the biggest factors in attracting the evil eye is flaunting possessions, but simply showing happiness in public can also be a detriment as many people seek the same and don’t have it.  Even family members will become jealous if one has what they deem they want.  It’s a good idea to stay under the radar as much as possible even if one has money and live a stealth life to ward off the evil eye. People that appear to be happy for you often hide their true aims and this can often lead to uncomfortable days and even once in a while unexpected things happening such as random accidents.

People that have true good intentions which are spiritually aware of the ramifications of the jealous eye will defend themselves by surrounding themselves with crystals, treesgardens, and nature in general.  In addition they will uphold strong affirmations, prayers and meditations to clear the etheric body of any unnatural negative attachments that may have attached themselves to them during one of their outings in public.

In family circles, people that have the most – in terms of materialistic items and money – are often the ones with the evil eye that is the strongest.  The reason seems to be they wish to stay on top of the materialistic mountain and maintain the status quo in the family.  But this is not always the case, as they may also be jealous of the relationship that two people have in the family as their eye on a particular happy couple can be very damaging despite them having less “worldly” possessions. Even people with the best of intentions that have less and give more are jinxed because the people with more might not have the happiness the couple with less have. It’s important to be cognizant that even a small house of happiness can be looked upon unfavourably by people that seemingly have everything.

It’s a crazy world we live in as much happens outside of the five physical senses; therefore try to avoid the unseen negative energy by being as private as possible.  Privacy keeps the wicked eye at bay because if people do not see what you have they cannot start their negative intentions!  If this is not conceivable, because of work or professional responsibilities; try to keep people at ease by being as happy and giving of oneself as much as possible. If one has a magnetic personality, the love will exude outwards and hopefully dissipate any negative feelings other people have.  Random acts of kindness will also demonstrate to people that there is no use giving the jealous eye because when one offers themselves in the service of humanity, even the biggest stickler can eventually be won over.

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