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Protecting Yourself from Radiation with C60

It is important to gather a few facts before trying any new food supplement or miracle cure. Today, a person can go online and find research on a substance like C60 and its effectiveness. They can find the best companies to order the new supplement of medication from. When a product containing C60 becomes available, doing a little research will help a person decide if it is right for them and their situation. In this world, with air pollution, rising radiation levels, and more health dangers, finding ways to protect our health becomes very important.

Is Radiation a Problem?

Did you know that radiation is all around us as part of our environment? Cosmic radiation from outer space and radioactive materials occurring in the earth naturally form background radiation. We are exposed to these low radiation levels ever day. Then, there is added radiation varying from location to location caused by human activity and products. When radiation causes health risks, protecting yourself from radiation with C60 can be a solution.

Living near a nuclear power station adds radiation, getting x-rays for health reasons exposes us to radiation, and common household products may contain radiation. Radiation is used in killing bacteria in food products, generating electricity, and in medicine and research. There are two kinds of radiation including non-ionizing and ionizing radiation. Common things such as cell phones, power lines, electronic devices, cell towers, and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth expose people to radiation every day.

What is Radiation?

Radiation is energy moving through space or matter at very high speeds as particles. These particles can be classified as alpha or beta particles and they can be released by radioactive materials. Radiation can be released from waves of light, heat, microwaves, or radio waves. It can come from x-rays or gamma rays. Radioactive materials have atoms that are unstable and as they try to become stable they release radiation. Radiation can enter the food chain when nuclear disasters like Chernobyl or Fukushima happen and radioactive particles spread around the world.

When there are ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation levels that are high enough to change the cells in the human body, health risks are present. The radiation produces oxidative radicals that can cause chains of damage to the inside of cells with oxidative molecular damage. When there are health risks from radiation and pollution, it is important to protect oneself.

What is C60?

C60 is short for buckminsterfullerene which is the best known family of fullerenes with closed mesh configuration. Fullerenes are allotropes made of carbon atoms that bond to form closed meshes and fused rings. This type of fullerene is named after Buckminster Fuller. They are also called buckyballs since they resemble tiny soccer balls. Fullerenes were synthesized in 1985 and detected in outer space and in nature. C60 has been studied and produced in large quantities since this time. C60 has many uses in industry and in the health field.

How Does C60 Work to Protect the Body?

C60 has been shown to be powerful antioxidant that can protect people from radiation oxidative radicals by neutralizing them. C60 keeps working rather than ceasing to function after binding to oxidative radicals. C60 can go everywhere in the body making an extensive surface area to get rid of oxidative radicals wherever they settle in the body. C60 works on all types of oxidative damage material in the body.

C60 prevents the cumulative health damage that low levels of radiation and oxidation can cause over time.

Health Problems Caused by Radiation and Oxidative Radicals

Some of the damage caused by exposure to low levels of radiation can be subtle and attributed to other causes. Other health problems are more serious and diagnosable. These health problems include:

  1. Headaches, memory loss, brain fog, and dementia
  2. DNA damage, cardiomyopathy, cancer, and autoimmune disorders
  3. Chronic nose bleeds, flu-like symptoms, and fatigue
  4. Damaged sperm, reproductive damage, and cataracts

These health conditions, if not prevented or treated, can be very serious and even life-threatening. They are caused by ongoing or cumulative exposure to environmental toxins and radiation.

Preventing and Reversing the Damage Caused by Radiation and Environmental Toxins

When a person makes sure they inject a variety of antioxidants in the food they eat and in preventative supplements containing C60, the damaging effects from radiation and other environmental toxins can be prevented or reversed. Lifestyle changes and caution also go a long way in protecting a person’s health. UV rays from the sun should be avoided by limiting time in the sun and using strong UV-blocking lotions. Wear protective clothing and hats when working or relaxing outdoors.

Though it might mean inconvenience and even a reduced income, one should avoid living and working in places that are known to have high pollution levels or higher than normal radiation levels. Some jobs involve working with radiation or radioactive materials. Is the income worth the danger? Are there adequate protections in place?

When a person is considering a new job or moving to a new area, it is a good idea to check out the pollution levels, manufacturing facilities in the area, and possible radiation exposure risks. When choosing between two jobs or places to live, choose the safer one if possible.

We cannot avoid every pollutant or source of radiation, so we should make sure to take every step possible to protect our and our family’s health and well-being. Finding a good health supplement containing C60 is a good step to take. C60 does not replace good eating habits, vitamins and other healthy nutrients. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables along with healthy proteins every day promotes good health.

Taking a C60 Purple Power supplement adds to a good diet by performing many helpful functions in the body. This powerful antioxidant is more powerful than many other antioxidants including Vitamin C. C60 can soak up free radicals or rogue molecules and help increase the efficiency of cells to produce energy and protect themselves from pollutants in the environment.

Taking a supplement that is high in C60 is a good way to protect oneself from pollutants and free-radicals and to improve one’s overall health and well-being. Find and use only high quality C60 products from reputable companies. C60 Purple Power products are made with organic oils and pure C60 in the United States.

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