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The Productivity Guide: Time Management Strategies That Work

Productivity is the first step towards making your every minute worthy while accomplishing your daily goals. We all want to work in a smart way rather than working hard. This is the reason why we strive to accomplish more while making less efforts every day. But the point we lack is our efficiency or simply our productivity. So, what essentially is productivity? What does this term mean? Read the below section to find out!

What Is Productivity?

In the simplest words, productivity is nothing but the measure of our efficiency. In a more technical way, productivity is the measure of output with respect to the input. For example, an acre of land that produces 1000 pumpkins is obviously more productive than the land that produces only 10 pumpkins.

In real life, productivity can be defined by our efficiency to perform our daily task. This includes working in a smart and organized manner without putting ourselves through the stress and discomfort, to achieve more. It is basically getting the results in less time. So, when someone is trying to become more productive, he’s basically seeking a way to accomplish his goals in a systematic and fast manner.

Having said that, here we are sharing some simple ways to be more productive. Check these out and thank us later!

6 Simple Ways to Be More Productive Every Day

1.Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

By being productive, a majority of folks means doing more in less time. However, this is not the right way to do so. By counting your time, you take more pressure on yourself to achieve the desired tasks. In this way, you might be able to achieve your daily goals in a shorter time but you’ll be left with no energy. Hence, you’ll not be able to follow this routine for a long time. So, rather than focusing on time, focus on your energy. Perform your work in a way that doesn’t drain your energy. This is a more sustainable way to stay productive.

2.Prepare The Night Before

When you wake in the morning, you should have a purpose. Means, you should already know how you’re going to spend your day and what tasks you need to finish. Without proper planning, you’ll not only be able to achieve your daily tasks. So, develop a habit and start planning your day a night before. Journaling is the best way to do so.

3.Turn Your Phone Off And Leave It In Another Room

Let’s face it. Our smartphones are the biggest source of distraction. We all have a habit of checking our phones in the middle of important tasks. This habit wastes a lot of time and we end up spending hours on a simple task that could be actually finished in a few minutes. So, when you’re working, turn off your phone and keep it in another room. This way, you’ll be able to concentrate on your work in a better way.

4.Sit Up Or Stand Up

Most of us work on our laptops or computers for hours at a stretch. This results in various health issues and we start feeling lazy and tired as soon as we get up. All of our energy gets drained and we are left with no energy to do anything extra. So, develop a habit of taking breaks in between. Take short walks in between to stay active throughout the day.

5. Use Special Tools

Always focus on working in a smart way. If you don’t waste your time in performing the task which can be done automatically, you’ll naturally save a lot of time which you can spend somewhere else you like. Suppose, you’re working on a project that requires audio to text conversion, you can simply make use of, which is a site that helps you to transcribe audio to text in no time. This was a simple example of audio transcription but there are apps and special tools for almost every kind of task. So, make use of tools and technology and save your time.

6.Develop A “Pre -Game Routine” To Start Your Day

A “Pre-Game Routine” is a strategy that is generally used by the football players which involves playing in mind in order to prepare themselves for the game. You can apply the same strategy to your daily life. All you need to do is to process every task you’re going to perform in a day.

And that’s it!

By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to achieve your daily goals with more ease and will save a lot of time which you can spend on yourself and your family.

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