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Director Eugène Green kicked out of ridiculous San Sebastian Film Festival screening of his own film and faces fine after refusing to wear a mask designed to dehumanise, delete individuality, and human discourse and damage health

Director Eugène Green was booted from the screening of his own movie at the San Sebastian Film Festival and is facing a potential fine from police after refusing “up to five times” to wear a mask as part of Covid-19 regulations.

At the screening of his new film ‘Atarrabi et Mikelats’, Green was asked by staff to wear a mask correctly and he refused, causing his guest status at the festival to be revoked, and for police to be called. There will be an administrative complaint and a potential fine for the director. 

“[Eugène Green] was asked up to five times by the Festival staff to put on the mask and to put it on correctly. Finally, due to his lack of cooperation, the Festival management asked him to leave the theater,” the festival said in an official statement. 

The festival’s statement said the filmmaker put “the health of the spectators and the film crew at risk.”

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