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Leaked Memos: Telecom Employees Want to Stop 5G Deployment Based on Health and Economic Concerns

There has been so much controversy, opposition, and international action taken AGAINST 5G deployment that it’s been the subject of Dilbert comic strips. According to leaked memos, employees at one French telecom company are asking their employer stop deployment.

From Environmental Health Trust:

According to Bloomberg news, leaked memos from a group of Orange (Telecom) employees urge the telecom company Orange to halt its plans for 5G on the grounds of health fears as well as saying that it would not be profitable for the operator. Orange S.A., formerly France Télécom S.A., is a French multinational telecommunications corporation.

This month thousands demonstrated in front of the International Agency for Research on Cancer Headquarters in Lyon, France calling for the”urgent reclassification” of wireless radiation as a carcinogen. In addition, a petition addressed to Prime Minister Jean Castex, signed by over sixty elected officials  urged the government to decide on a moratorium on the deployment of 5G.

According to Bloomberg News: Dissent at Heart of Telecom Industry Undermines France’s 5G Push by Helene Fouquet and Ania Nussbaum, September 18, 2020:

“A group of employees of Orange SA called repeatedly for management to scrap the rollout of 5G services in memos circulated to colleagues on the Plazza social media platform. The memos, issued in October 2019 and in May of this year, said the technology will be unprofitable and will damage the environment, according to three people familiar with their content.”

“Company managers investigated the employees after the memos were leaked to the French telecom industry federation, the people said. The source of the leak was not found and no employees were sanctioned, one of the people added.”

“The Orange memos were written by “I’m So Green,” a group of employees that says it has around 1,000 members. Bloomberg obtained a copy of the second, 24-page memo titled “Without 5G: Orange in The Future World.”

“The internal discord could fuel a growing anti-5G movement that began on social media and was adopted by the opposition Green party, which won control of several cities in local elections in June. It’s become the most consequential of several grass-roots campaigns against the technology in Europe…”

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