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How Wide Is A Garage Door?

The broadness of any garage door will always differ based on your home design and the space available in your garage area. The standard width for a double garage door design is 16 feet wide and 7-8 feet high. Garage doors that are 10 feet wide and 8 feet tall are usually the single car garage doors.

However, the standard garage door width might have variations such as 9 feet wide and 7 feet tall and 16 by 7 feet for single and double garage door, respectively. The most popular garage door width for many homeowners is 4 to 18 feet wide and 6 to 8 feet high.

A garage that is detached from one’s home is around 12 by 22 feet. The width of the common garage door ranges in the category of 8 and 9 feet. The most common height that is compatible with this width is 7 to 8 feet. However, this height can range up to 12 feet. A factor attributed to various aspects of the garage door.

Other widths for garage doors are also available; some common dimensions for garage door include:

  • 10 feet wide by 8 feet tall;
  • 16 feet wide by 8 feet tall;
  • Those more than 16 feet wide.

For a single garage door, the width is usually 7 by 6 feet and is preferred by builders and developers. Double garage door sizes that are widely in use are 14 by 7 feet or 16 by 7 feet. 

Most width and height that a person selects for their garage doors lies in the use and type of garage door that one has installed in their home. 

When selecting the right size of your garage door, it is advisable to look at the bigger picture, which is:

  • What security do I want?
  • How is my daily lifestyle in using the garage door?
  • What is the purpose of the garage door?
  • Which door mechanism do I want for my garage door?

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you arrive at a decision when installing and purchasing the right garage door that suits your needs, or even in getting the right garage doors repair in Maple Ridge. When taking the measurements for your garage, you need to do it cautiously and with keenness as any wrong measurement will end up affecting the outcome.

Get the right width and height, as well as the internal reveals and headroom. At times having the right professional do this guarantees you 100% accuracy leaving no room for errors. Before placing an order or settling on one garage door you feel is the best, ensure you note all the specifications on your garage door as they vary hence differing needs.

Accurate structural work on your garage will help you find the right size of the door for your garage. It will also help you get expert garage door repair in Oshawa. Note that the wideness is of utmost importance since no one wants to install a garage door with dimensions that do not coincide with the garage measurements; thus, this aspect is very crucial for any garage door.

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