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The 9 Best Anniversary Gifts for 2020

It takes a certain level of creativity to come up with the perfect anniversary gift. Fortunately, there’s inspiration around every corner of the internet, making it possible to find a thoughtful gift for anyone.

Here are nine of the best anniversary gifts to buy for that special someone this year.

Celestial Jewelry

Heart-shaped jewelry is out; stars and moons are in. There’s no better way to show someone that you love them to the moon and back than with a gorgeous gold moon-shaped pendant or starry chandelier earrings. Fortunately, this burgeoning trend makes it possible to get a stunning piece from either an online jewelry wholesale supplier or a local shop.

Spotify Code Keychain

The introduction of Spotify codes has opened a whole new opportunity for gift-giving. A Spotify code works similarly to a QR code, triggering a song when scanned by a smartphone camera.

Memorialize your loved one’s favorite song with a Spotify code keychain that will invoke a sense of sentimentality every time they see it. With the click of a button, they’ll be able to experience their favorite song wherever they go.

Custom Reel Viewer

Reel viewers are arguably one of the best toys that ever existed. Capture your favorite moments in a custom reel viewer for an anniversary gift that’s unlike any other. The combined nostalgia of the viewer and photographic highlights is thoughtful, creative, and unique.

A Year of Dates

Celebrate an important anniversary by presenting your other half with a year of dates. This gift takes a lot of planning but creates a sense of anticipation that will last all year long. Plan each date and seal everything you need to make it happen into individual envelopes. Think of creative and seasonal dates that you wouldn’t usually do.

Bond Touch Bracelets

Bond Touch bracelets are the perfect gift for couples who work opposite shifts or have a long-distance dynamic. This water-proof device looks like a FitBit but connects two people together. When you’re thinking of the person, you can tap your Bond Touch and send a loving pulse. The bracelets come with an app where you can create custom vibrations and share private messages.

A Picnic Basket

2020 is a year during which heading to a restaurant or public venue isn’t always an option. Treat your love to a reusable picnic basket filled with your favorite goodies and a list of nearby parks and scenic vistas. Head out for a picnic rather than a restaurant and make the most of this strange time.

Pajama Warmer

For the partner who loves the Hygge movement, you can’t go wrong with the gift of warmth. Invest in a small pajama warmer for the bathroom or bedroom to let your significant other get warm and cozy. These devices also work for slippers and small towels. This is a simple gift that can make even a quiet night at home feel like a luxury.

Mattress Cooler

In every relationship, there’s seemingly someone who is always overheated in contrast with someone who wants warm pajamas. If your other half is constantly hot, treat them to a mattress cooler. 

The BedJet is a device that can warm or cool your mattress without an extra topper. You can even get a couple’s version that heats one side while cooling the other— the perfect shared gift for contrasting couples.

A Flower Subscription

The only thing better than remembering to pick up flowers on the way home is to subscribe to a monthly delivery. Choose a florist who offers a variety of themes for each month of the year. A flower subscription is a classic gift with a modern twist that keeps giving all year long.

You can’t go wrong with any of these incredible anniversary gifts in 2020.

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