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Latest Lawful Instruction to the Treasury Select Committee

Our attempts to engage the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee in dialogue about sovereign money creation have failed to elicit any response, leaving us with no alternative but to continue the monologue by issuing them an ultimatum:

To the Rt. Hon. Mel Stride (Chairman), Mr Steve Baker MP, Mr Anthony Browne MP, Ms Angela Eagle MP, Ms Julie Marson MP, Ms Alison Thewliss MP, Ms Rushanara Ali MP, Ms Harriett Baldwin MP, Ms Felicity Buchan MP, Mr Mike Hill MP, and Ms. Siobhain McDonagh MP.

On July 9th 2020, as a member of the Treasury Select Committee, you were sent an evidence-based and highly-detailed Formal Notice of Instruction.

It is not our intention in this letter to repeat everything again but to advise you, as our elected servants in Parliament, of the inevitable consequences of your collective refusal to respond or to comply in a rational way to a lawful and quite reasonable direction that is overwhelmingly in the public good.

As this Formal Notice of Instruction is based solely on the indisputable truth, common sense and proven historical facts, it comes fully under the remit of the Common Law.

To clarify what this means, we would like to remind you that our ancient and God-given Common Law takes absolute precedence over any agenda-driven and self-serving decisions arrived at by party-obedient politicians in Parliament.

This is particularly pertinent today as we witness some of our most senior elected servants in Parliament acting in support of moves towards establishing a global authoritarian technocracy as promoted and encouraged by the World Economic Forum.

From our detailed research and through talking to concerned and well-informed ‘insiders’, we have ascertained that the Great Reset, as it is now called, has been planned for many decades and that the final outcome will not be for the overall benevolence and well-being of humanity as a whole.

This Great Reset is modelled upon what has been termed The Green New Deal, an untested US experiment centred around the Fourth Industrial Revolution(authored by Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum) that seeks to steer humanity directly towards the deeply flawed vision advocated by Ray Kurzweil—known as transhumanism. It promotes UN Agenda 2030 and ‘sustainability’ by deliberately seeking to drive humanity towards living in centrally controlled and completely cashless habitation zones and cities, not dissimilar to the ones now being established in Communist China, whilst at the same time pushing to end traditional farming practices by ‘wilding’ large tracts of otherwise productive land. This fear-based vision of the future (using extremely questionable and bad science) is also dependent upon the untested telecom roll-out of 5G for the burgeoning Internet of Things which involves the ability to undertake highly-detailed and invasive 24/7 Orwellian surveillance of all people… including your good selves and, most importantly of all, your children and their children!

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