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Something so corrupt is rotting and causes nausea and vomiting

At the highest levels of the state.

The heads of the State Attorney’s Office, like Nitzan and Ruth and the like, and under the command of the police and the like,

Constitute the corrupt and dishonest while protecting their buttocks and respecting their environment.

But the most corrupt, to me, are the heads of the Ministry of Health.

it Repeats: In my eyes.

While the previous acts are a pollution of honesty and civil service,

After all, the deeds of the Ministry of Health can be accurately measured.

Hundreds of thousands of graves of those who could live. To be by our side.

All the hundreds of thousands of diabetics are from Ministry of Health corruption, drug advocates, not pro-solution. The amputated legs are evidence of the Ministry of Health’s corruption (see Ilan Oz’s suggestions).

Every hundreds of thousands to millions of patients have hypothyroidism.

All the babies who died in their crib.

All hundreds of thousands of children that are vaccinated, which is evidence of corruption at its peak.

The Destruction of tomorrow.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

All the surplus doctors in Israel are evidence of corruption and possibly folly, by the Ministry of Health.

Please find time to read about the terrible plague, an invention of that corruption.

Read what’s going on in the Corona Committee.

Corona wards are empty.

Free cemeteries.

The number of buried cannot be deceived.

There is no increase in mortality in the Land of Israel.

An epidemic in the name of Benjamin Netanyahu?

He is the one who presses for a complete closure.

he must be moved elsewhere.

And as Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak shouts:

Get rid of Bibi.

Let there be a worse prime minister than him, but not him.


A meeting of the Knesset’s Corona Committee two days ago dealt with the reliability of the Ministry of Health’s reports on the number of Corona victims. The meeting shows that the Ministry of Health does not accept its own guidelines for writing death certificates from Corona, even for people for whom Corona is not the cause of death. The same directive exists in the United States from the Center for Disease Control and in Europe from the World Health Organization, in which an article by Dr. Yaffa Shir Raz censored by Y net.

Following the results of a meeting of the Knesset’s Corona Committee’s, Member of the Corona Committee MK Yoel Rezbozov (Yesh Atid-TLM), together with 120 leading medical and science figures in Israel, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Health and the Corona Projector recounting the number of dead The corona in Israel.

The Corona Committee found that every person who dies in hospitals for any reason (cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and other causes of death) and also has the Corona virus in his body, the main cause of death recorded in the report will be the Corona virus.

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