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COVID-19 – Evidence of Fraud, Medical Malpractice, Acts of Domestic Terrorism and Breaches of Human Rights

This document submission brings together COVID-19 related evidence which most or all authorities seem to either be unaware of, or have decided to ignore. It is presented in an attempt to reverse this situation. This submission is supported by the signatories listed above.

I am neither a legal nor a health expert, but as a citizen of good conscience and one who has a degree in Computer Science and someone who currently works in education, has the ability to carry out research  and understand the majority of what I read, I feel duty-bound to present this evidence to you. Further, I ask you who have greater responsibility and authority than I do, to take this evidence seriously and not make assumptions that – because of the nature of this submission it should simply be ignored. I must admit to being rather pessimistic that anyone reading this will undertake a serious, objective re-appraisal of the current situation – a situation that, I contend, should never have arisen in the first place.

Here, I raise many questions regarding the lawfulness of actions of the British Broadcast and Print Media, the UK Government and its advisors, in relation to the alleged pandemic.

This document, which should be shown to senior personnel, will be publicly posted on a website, along with the distribution and signatory list and therefore considered as being a “notice” to these organisations to act in the public interest and protectpublic health, rather than continue to act based on a false and almost entirely fear-driven narrative, which has been promulgated and developed through controlled broadcast and print media and the use of widespread censorship by the online “Tech Platforms” such as YouTube, Google and Facebook. Additionally, professionals that would normally speak out about this evidence have been threatened with sanctions. For example, in a BMJ news story from 06 July 2020, we read[1]:

A consultant surgeon has been suspended from the UK medical register for 12 months pending the outcome of an investigation by the General Medical Council, after posting videos on social media claiming that covid-19 is a hoax.

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