Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 7 September 2020

The Mainstream Media are terrorizing the Consciousness of Humanity

Your perception is being controlled by the same people that are in control of everything else.

On a daily, hourly or even minute by minute basis the mainstream media throws around the word ‘terrorist’ carelessly with deliberate intentions, labeling any anti-establishment person as such if it suits their needs. Seemingly it does not matter who they brand as a terrorist, from a normal everyday citizen that has worked hard and paid their dues in society, to a leader of a country. Consequently events that should normally be reported upon with a high degree of impartiality are completely biased and weighted with extreme prejudice, yet the majority of people still get sucked up in the veritable vacuum of lies and believe it as truth.

In the past, propaganda war movies had been created with the story line that if the Nazi’s had won World War Two they would be goose stepping through every city on the globe while enslaving the entire population. This thought pattern is deliberately imprinted on the subconscious mind of humanity and used by the mainstream media as an effective tool to prevent any potential dictator from gaining control of a country. To convince the public they repeat this message – through their propaganda machine, whether it’s Hollywood, Mainstream News, Video Games, or History Books – in order to build a case to convince the consciousness of humanity they must go to war to fix the problem.

One modern example of this strategy is when Libya was attacked by NATO forces in 2011. The mainstream media suggested that mass rape was being used by the rulers of Libya against her people to create war and gain power, thus justifying an invasion of the country. To this day, the real reason intentionally escapes mainstream media attention as the leader of Libya was attempting to establish a Libyan golden Dinar. This action was to liberate Africa from the petro dollar and the financial hub in London by creating a new pan-African currency

The leader of Libya therefore challenged the hegemony of the central bankers around the world by backing up their new currency with 143 tons of gold and almost the same amount of silver. With the central banks still reeling from the 2008 banking crisis, which they themselves fashioned by creating a housing bubble, saw this as an opportunity to invade and control Libya by stealing their precious metals and controlling their oil and resources market. It simply did not matter what kind of excuse could be fabricated, as long as they could give their military a seemingly credible reason for war. Therefore it can be deduced that the mainstream media is nothing more than a political pawn in the world game of chess that rages daily; in other words they are obedient servants to their overlords.

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