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Suffer, Little Children

I’ve been an angry man since the age of sixteen. That was when I read Lloyd deMause’s newly-published The History of Childhood, an inquest into the realities of growing up that minced no words about society’s ingrained habit of victimizing children to serve the implacable ends of adults.

As I absorbed deMause’s relentless account of the cruelty inflicted on children in the world’s most “advanced” civilizations, I swore an angry oath to myself that I would never acquiesce in the deliberate harm of little kids, no matter how respectable their abusers might claim to be.

So I’m not going to pull any punches about the systematic child abuse being orchestrated, as I write, by a phalanx of America’s most “respectable” politicians, pundits and self-styled educators.

Child abuse? Yes, that’s what I said: and I’m talking about the concerted campaign to keep the United States school system shuttered in honor of the Great God Corona – a cynical bid to smother the free instincts in a whole generation of children before they’re even old enough to know how deeply they’ve been violated.

As if that weren’t ugly enough, the propagandists who want to take away our kids’ education are using emotional blackmail to do it, terrorizing 74 million American children with the slander that they’re as poisonous as Rappaccini’s daughter – that the moment they cross the threshold of a school building they will have condemned their teachers, and probably their parents, to an early and painful death.

Child abuse? That’s almost too mild a name for it.

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