Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 5 September 2020

Medical Doctor Explains Why Masks Are Useless for Preventing Corona

Masks that are being sold are made for surgeons to avoid infecting patients, not for regular daily use. Frequent wearing can cause hypercapnia due to breathing more carbon dioxide. This also causes hypoxia where you have decreased oxygen. They are to be worn by those infected, not for healthy people. Wearing a mask lowers your immunity, and also puts you at risk for viral infection because bacteria can grow on the mask itself from prolonged usage and can slip through your nose and mouth. You are breathing in what your body is trying to expel out.

Now, in case your school or employer requires a mask, you can face clothing like a scarf, a bandana, a sarong, or a saree like what Eastern people wear. I have seen a maintenance worker wear a mask similar to what the Somali pirates wore, and it looked cool. People are getting creative, so you can even wear a ninja mask. As long as you’re covered up, no one can say anything. It is a legitimate covering, so you are following the rules.

Use religion in your favor. If you’re Sikh, use the head scarf to cover yourself. This are better alternatives you can get made from cotton or other natural material that are better for health.


Wearing a Mask DOES NOT Protect Against Coronavirus

The COVID mortality rate is low, but infection rates are high. Stay away from restaurants, beaches, crowded areas, public transportation, and immigrants because the shadow government is planning to depopulate the planet. Fauci is pushing for a vaccine, and is working for his drug friends. He was there during the AIDS epidemic and failed the country by doing nothing. Giving people vaccines is not only very dangerous, it will create a shooting war if they try to mandate it with police. And these sons of guns know it. They want to start civil war and then they can use that for an excuse for martial law. Fauci wants and thinks that people are anti-science and anti-vax. This is the perverted authoritarian tyranny that wants to tell you what real science and pseudoscience is.

Wearing a mask is submission to the establishment. Dr. Simon Gold, MD, JD, wrote an article that was published and then removed by US Today. In the piece, she commented that the medical issue turned into crisis. Mass hysteria has replaced logic and science. Putting on a mask is nothing more than anxiety management for the population. The corona virus is .1 microns, the pores on your skin and mask are between .20-.200 microns. So wearing a mask does not protect you, but compliant morons still believe the hype. The lungs filter the air you breathe, but wearing a mask forces you to breathe back in what your lungs filtered out.

Even Tony Fauci himself said it’s not 100% effective, and he doesn’t even believe in it himself.


Anyone who wears a Mask is an Indoctrinated Imbecile

I went to the store in July and there was a mother with two daughters. They must have been 3 years old. They were talking to the cashier about masks and the cashier said it’s become mandatory even for them. The mother’s daughter then asked, “Mommy when I go to school do I have to wear a mask?” You have to see the humor in these things. I found it funny because parents have no clue and blindly accept whatever crap the government tells them. I’ve seen idiots posting on social media with their kid wearing a mask. Utter morons. People these days don’t think, they just do as they’re told.

Bill Gates already made it clear that he wants certificates for the vaccinated. His excuse is that it will help facilitate safe global travel.

If masks become enforced, you can wear a scarf or use a cloth covering. If you’re Muslim to Sikh, you can wear the traditional garments to cover yourself. Claim to be Muslim if questioned or use some other religion, there’s nothing they can do to stop you. Fine silk religious garments will be much better than a surgeon’s mask. The surgeon masks should be avoided because they are made from materials which are not good to inhale.

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