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Wire shelf kit for extra storage: how to install help my shelf wire shelf cover and liner kit to create smooth surfaces

To update and convert your wire shelves into a flat and secure surface for storing items and maintaining its storage capacity, you can use special liners for a wire shelf kit to meet your individual storing and design needs. Help my shelf kit is a sound and wise solution that is a cost-saving option, as you don’t need to replace anything. The main characteristics that you should look for in shelf cover and liner kit:

  • custom-tailored liners with which it is possible to cover most sizes and models of a ventilated wire shelf kit;
  • better quality means that the product is durable enough to perform its key functions;
  • since shelf liners can deteriorate due to constant exposure to excessive moisture, impervious to water is a must-have feature when it comes to shelf covers.

Generally, wire shelving is integral equipment for adding extra space. They are sturdy and practical. And with wire shelf cover and liner kit, you can drastically improve the appearance of shelves with gaps. In case you need some specific size, you can cut liners to fit the required dimensions. Hassle-free installation is the top priority, so selecting the appropriate metal wire shelf kit, take care of its covers to transform wired surfaces into a more solid and steady storage area.

Reasons for the installation of plastic liners on storage shelves

Improve the functionality and create a more pleasant look: gaps in the wire racks can become a bad headache with the risks of stored items falling off the shelf or stuck between wires. To maximize your storage space and provide the opportunity to keep some unusual and heavier objects on it, use help my shelf kit.

Less than one-hour stress-free installation process: the kit of liners and covers consist of everything needed for a successful installation. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the whole procedure, as it takes a little effort. Moreover, you can find pictures and descriptions of every part of help my shelf kit in the instruction sheet. Shelf liners, decorative front covers, style caps, attachment clips, and even cutting saw and tape measure help to achieve custom-crafted and pleasing for eyes appearance. Here are a few installation tips:

  • before doing any cuts, thoroughly measure the depth, length, and width of each wire shelf;
  • after, cut the decorative front cover to the desired length;
  • fix attachment clips into the back channel of already cut front covers;
  • attach decorative front covers with inserted attachment clips to the wire shelves;
  • to enhance the appearance, you can install a styling cap at the center of each front cover;
  • cut shelf liner according to the width dimension you’ve got during the first step and place it on the top of existing wire shelves.

For dealing with all cutouts, you don’t need special tools: household scissors will be enough. More details you will find in the guidelines included in help my shelf kit. Following all steps carefully, you will be surprised by the outcomes of installing a set of liners on every unit of your wire shelf kit.

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