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The Very Best Vintage Cars to Get Your Motor Running

There’s a never-ending list of exciting cars that you want to get your hands on. New sports cars are reaching unparalleled levels of performance to the point where there’s now a classification for hypercars. Even with these options out there for interested buyers, collectors, racers, or just those that like to learn about new cars, it might seem that things are getting to the point of ridiculousness. One way to combat this modern sports car fatigue is to go back in time, figuratively.

Vintage or classic cars is a good way to rewind the clock and bask in the glory of a by-gone age when cars were crafted with care by hand, rather than programmed by computers. These sports cars are cool and certainly impressive, but sometimes, it’s the vehicles that we grew up with or never got the chance to experience that can really get the motor running. Vintage cars represent craftsmanship and a classic approach to developing a sturdy and dependable vehicle, so without further ado, here are the very best vintage cars for collectors, racers, and enthusiasts of all sorts.

1968 Ford Mustang

It feels kind of disingenuous to only list one Ford Mustang model from the 1960s because frankly, they deserve their own list, but the 1968 model is definitely a good place to start. This classic mainstay of the muscle car world comes in a just over 2700 lbs, with a 3-speed manual, and featuring up to a 390-HP V-8 engine. The Ford Mustang is what most people imagine when they picture a timeless ride. The beauty of the Ford Mustang is that they are still so popular for classic car fans, so finding parts is easy. The swap kits at offer the kind of quality you’d need for your own restoration job, and even full Mustangs are affordable. This is definitely the ride that gets people hooked on classics. 

1969 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The ’69 Corvette was part of the Chevrolet C3 lineup of this model, and it was famously nicknamed the Stingray. The distinct sleek body attracts many sports car collectors and drivers because of the unique curves to the frame. The surprising thing about the Stingray is that the curb weight is a whopping 3500 lbs, all while sporting a wide range of V-8 engines, with the most powerful able to reach a possible 400-HP depending on engine variant. The wide range of 1969 models of the Stingray offered up potentials for high-performance use, which is why people are still in love with it today. 

1975 Porsche 911/930 Turbo

This stunner of a sports classic was known as the 911 Turbo to most, but in America, it was labeled the 930. Whatever you call it, it has the “it” factor of a true vintage machine, and Porsche knew how to tap into that vein with an impressive assortment of cars. The classic Porsche 911 frame, the ultralight body, the incredible cornering capabilities, and a (then) blistering top speed of 173 mph made this one of the crown jewels of European automobile engineering. Many Porsche models are seen on the roads today, and they sport similar frames and model names, but the ’75 911 was and truly is one of a kind compared to its contemporaries.  

1954 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing

Alright, not every vintage car is going to be in a reasonable price range for those interested. That’s just the nature of cars becoming rarer or appreciating with value, but to deny the magnificence of the 1954 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing based on price would be ludicrous. This rare automobile can fetch an asking price north of $1 million, and it’s plain to see. With the unorthodox lateral-raising doors, the design is one-of-a-kind. By today’s standards, the 6-cylinder engine is only capable of 215-HP, which is pretty lackluster, but at the time of its production, it was quite the performance machine. If you happen to have a few million lying around, you could be looking at a car fit for a Bond agent. 

1970 Volkswagen Beetle

Another car on this list that has so many models that it’s hard to pick just one. The 1970 VW Beetle wasn’t the first, nor the last, in a long line of the instantly recognizable cars. Lovable for its unique rounded frame shape, the VW Beetle is an incredibly easy to find classic available today. Not all classics are high-performance, and not all of them are highly costly. The VW is an example of a casual drive that’s a joy to drive and always turns heads. Finding one of these lovable machines in good condition can cost as little as $5000.

1972 Datsun 240Z 

This iconic sports car might not be as recognizable to young folks, but those who were around in the late 60’s to mid 70’s remember how prominent this car was. Datsun, which is more commonly known as Nissan, used this name when exporting its vehicles to the United States. The 1972 Datsun 240Z had a top speed of 125 mph, which doesn’t seem like much today, but was definitely capable of holding its own. The appeal of this car is the sleek design and the reliability, along with the entire line of Nissan/Datsun Z GT/Fairlady models that came after it. 

1967 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28

The direct competitor to the Ford Mustang line of cars was Chevrolet’s answer in the Camaro. These muscle cars are as iconic as the Mustang, and tout some pretty great specs. The Z-28 was and is capable of 290-HP, which made it neck and neck with the Mustang. While unable to totally overtake the Mustang in terms of a lasting legacy, sales, or track record, the Camaro was able to hold its own during the muscle car era, and helps finish off the list.

There you have it – a small but useful list of some of the most eye-popping and attention-grabbing vintage cars that ever existed. Though it hardly covers the decades and decades of cars to come and go, these offer something in the way of performance, collector value, and just plain old fun that drives the interest in the classics to this day.

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