Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 2 September 2020

Excl: Labour right ‘trying to force GoFundMe to remove Corbyn fundraiser page’ as it passed £300,000 (The Labour Party has been hijacked by fascist infiltrators masquerading as ‘socialists’)

It seems the Labour right’s attacks on the fundraiser started by a Jeremy Corbyn supporter to cover any legal expenses the former Labour leader might incur are not limited to bleating about how the money should be given to foodbanks.

Those attacks were curiously absent when former Home Secretary David Blunkett was reported to be raising £250,000 to try to bring down Corbyn – and the plight of the poor didn’t seem an issue when Tony Blair was raising a million pounds to fight the unions:

Nor indeed were there howls of outrage about the huge amounts of money donated by his supporters to Keir Starmer’s leadership campaign:

But when the funds are intended to defend a maligned former Labour leader – and an entire movement – just bleating dishonestly about foodbanks and smearing everyone involved is apparently not enough, because Labour right-wingers are trying to pressure or even force GoFundMe to remove the page and return its funds to the more than 16,000 people who have happily donated to it, according to people close to the campaign.

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