Posted by Richard Willett - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 2 September 2020

Changes to Human Medicine Regulations to support the rollout of unlicenced COVID-19 vaccines

Hi David

Please see this document:

Deep state have exposed themselves by ramping up public to full fill their vaccination agenda . They issued the document to inject unlicensed vaccine in UK. I exposed them 4 months ago with my little knowledge and research work but many didn’t believe me and I was labelled as conspiracy theorist expert. I had to pay heavy price by losing my licence to practice medicine in UK. 
Please see this document sent by UK government which exposes them further to prove that I was right. Virus has already died out, mutated with zero incidence at the moment other than just propaganda therefore there is no need for injecting poisonous vaccine into healthy people with dead viruses, bacteria, heavy metals ( mercury, Aluminium, neomycin) antibiotics and other poisons to create hypersensitivity in your body which may lead to shock, paralysis, infertility, dementia , Alzheimer’s disease , autism, Parkinson’s disease and death. Vaccine is not a treatment but is for the hefty business and depopulation agenda in reducing 15-20% of population as Bill Gates, Hillary, Gavi Foundation and pharma had predicted to generate money.

Health professionals, you have given oath, “ Hippocratic Oath “ based on the medical ethics in short  “I will do no harm or injustice to the patients, never will administer poison to anybody when I asked to do so nor will I suggest so  First Do No Harm.
Please say no to vaccine before it’s too late. September the 28th is deadline as per certificate. Wake up , Stand up for your right to say No to the vaccine and stop this satanic agenda before it’s too late .

You don’t want to have beast mark on your forehead, chip into your skin, quantum certificate, digital passport, digital certificate of clearance for your jobs, deriving licence, employment, border crossing, etc .

It’s your time to stand up against the evil to protect yourself and your next generation. I am sure you are awake.

Best regards

Dr Mohammad Adil  FRCS, UK
The Trigger

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