Posted by Jon Rappoport Posted on 27 August 2020

Why didn’t researchers do a proper study to discover whether the COVID virus exists?

Imagine this fantasy: “After the published results of a new comprehensive study, which rejected the theory that a new pandemic coronavirus exists, a thousand infectious disease experts claimed they never said there was a new virus. One of these veteran researchers stated, ‘Virus? I was misquoted. I said “tires.” I was talking about car problems. I had a flat tire on the highway. Germs? Bacteria? Fungi? These are gossamer entities. No one is sure where they are or what they do. It would be irresponsible to assert they infect people. I need to find a job. I have two kids matriculating at Harvard. Do you have any idea how much that costs? Please visit my GoFundMe page. The money will be forwarded to me in my bunker at an undisclosed location…’”

I’ve been going back to the beginning of this “pandemic,” to examine the root of the fraud.

I’ve described, in full, what a proper, large-scale study would look like, if researchers were actually interested in knowing whether there is a new and unique virus causing illness and death across the world. A study using a thousand volunteers, and electron microscope photographs of samples taken from human tissue.

This study was never done. It will never be done.

Here is why.

The official symptoms of COVID-19 line up with many traditional conditions: flu, pneumonia, TB, other lung infections, common colds.

Millions of so-called “COVID cases” are not anything new. I’ve been writing about this for months. Traditional illnesses are being re-packaged under the meaningless “COVID” label.

So what do you think would happen in a large-scale study of such “COVID” patients?

The fraud would be exposed. You would eliminate these people from any association with a new virus. There would be no sign of a new virus.

“Let’s do a really correct, electron microscope study of a thousand patients, and settle, once and for all, the question of whether or not there is a new coronavirus causing people to fall ill and die.”

“Are you kidding? Do you know what the result would be? We’d land in prison.”

Take, for example, all the elderly people in nursing homes and other long long-term facilities, in hospitals, in their lonely isolated apartments. You know, people who have been suffering from multiple serious health conditions for decades, who’ve been treated with loads of toxic drugs, whose immune systems are already on the verge of collapse—who have been labeled “COVID.” Take tissue samples from them. Put them under an electron microscope.

“This is amazing, Fred. We see no signs of a new virus.”

“Yes, it’s so amazing, we’re going to bury this study. Otherwise, you and I will be hung from a lamppost.”

When you have no sign of a new virus, you have no diagnostic tests, because all those tests are aimed at registering a virus that isn’t there. And therefore, you have no meaningful case numbers or death numbers. What you have is a house of cards out in the open, in a strong wind.

You have millions of public health officials and politicians and computer modelers and medical journal editors and researchers and doctors and PR people and television talking heads and foundation funders and mask-wearing devotees all desperately trying to grab hold of NOTHING.

Yes, I’m predicting what would happen if a truly proper study were done. But this prediction can be confirmed or denied by DOING THE STUDY…

…NOT by affirming that labs all over the world have “sequenced the virus”…

…NOT by referring to five or ten electron microscope photos of five or ten patients’ tissue samples. THAT’S NOT A LARGE-SCALE STUDY.

I’m saying to the experts: put up or shut up. You claim there are millions of people who are infected with a new virus; so pick a thousand of them, line them up, and under close observation from truly independent non-conflicted expert observers, run through all the correct steps of removing tissue samples from them and placing relevant bits of that material under electron microscopes, take the photos, and examine the photos.

Do you see, side by side in all thousand photos, many, many particles of the same unique virus which you’ve never seen before? Yes or no?

And if you do, then have other researchers do another three or four such large studies and see if they replicate those original findings.


Not “I talked to my doctor and he said…”

Not “I spoke with a very smart virologist and he said…”

Not “What do you think of this single electron microscope photo…”

Not “Here is what Wikipedia says…”

Not “But Doctor Blah-Blah is an expert…”

Not “I have a framed photo of Anthony Fauci in my kitchen…”

If conventional researchers are so sure their “sequencing of the genetic structure of the virus” is proof that the new virus exists, they should be very calm and confident about doing the large-scale study I insist on.

Sure. You bet. They’re so confident and calm they’re not doing the study, and they will never do the study.

As far as that study is concerned, they’re so calm they’re paralyzed.

And under the paralysis, there is fear.

Fear that the titanic exposure of a titanic fraud will visit them and sweep them away in the blink of an eye.

“How can you possibly say all these experts are wrong and their work in the lab is misguided and irrelevant?”


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